Relax & Revise - What do Students Really Want to do at Half Term?

Relax & Revise - What do Students Really Want to do at Half Term?

Programme Manager, Jenny Rumble (pictured below) looks back on our first year of our new half term and Easter programme and what our students had to say about it

Programme Manager, Jenny RumbleAt Bright World, we know that every student we look after is unique. We also know that international boarding students are a niche group, who have different holiday needs to British students or international students who are in the UK on short study breaks.

After the initial homesickness has worn off, the UK quickly becomes our boarders’ second home and during their half-terms they want to relax, in the same way British boarders would. However, as many of them are on intensive study programmes, they also need the opportunity to study and revise, so that they can go back to school feeling not only refreshed but calm and in control of their work as well.

Bright World has worked with TSA London to try and create a programme for our students, which hopefully meets both these needs but in this article, we are looking at what international boarding school students have said that they really want to do at half-term.

1. Sleep
The number one priority for most of our students is to get as much sleep as possible and there’s a good reason. Most international students are almost constantly working and learning in their second, third or even fourth language and their brains need time to rest.
We have tried to help them with this at Relax & Revise, by providing modern, comfortable twin or single bedrooms, where they can fully relax in hotel-quality surroundings.

2. WI-FI
We really recognise how important this is to Bright World students. WI-FI is their window to the world at home, so they can keep in touch with family and friends (as well as keeping up to date with the latest Netflix & gaming releases)
There is WI-FI throughout the Relax & Revise building.

What do Students Really Want to do at Half Term?

3. Good food
We know it is not easy to cater for a mass of people three times a day, especially with so many varied palates and expectations.
The food at TSA English, London has been given the thumbs up by students at Relax & Revise.

4. Spending time with friends
With so much time at school taken up by lessons and sports, lots of students look forward to the half-term, when they can spend some more time hanging out with their friends.
The great thing about Relax & Revise is that friends can go along in a group, so they have a real holiday experience together.

5. Study
Lots of our students feel the pressure of school and we want to make sure that they have plenty of time to study.
Every morning the students have access to a classroom, with a tutor on hand to help them with general queries. Each bedroom also has its own desk and study area so if students prefer, they can study by themselves.

Relax and Revise Quote from Student BissaiHow we think we got it right ...

We hope that we have created a programme which our students can really enjoy and where they feel that their needs have been considered.

We have also tried to find a balance between the things that parents want for their children when they’re overseas and what students want for themselves, so the accommodation is safe & secure and there are age-appropriate guidelines for going out with friends.

We try to counter the boredom that can creep in at half-term, wherever you may be, by providing an optional schedule of supervised activities (including bowling, cinema, shopping, sight-seeing, museums and sporting activities).

Bright World's placement service is FREE. If you would like more information about Relax & Revise or to apply, please contact us by using the enquiry form or phone direct on +44 (0)1273 835745. 

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