Kent College - the best of all worlds

Kent College - the best of all worlds

Bright World's Managing Director gives a detailed account of a wonderful day out and visit to our long term partner school, Kent College.

(picured above left to right: Kristine Bluke; Guardianship Care Manager, Chris Joy; Director of Boarding, Beverley Pocock, Head of Austen House and Maddie Grinfelde; Guardianship Care Manager)

Our Managing Director, Lana Foster has been visiting boarding schools  since the birth of Bright World, 15 years ago this year and without exception has observed that the welcome that you receive, either on the telephone or at the school reception, directly reflects the welcome that students receive when they arrive there.

Earlier this week Lana went back to Kent College to meet with Head of Austen House, Beverley Pocock and Chris Joy, Director of Boarding to re-live her first ever trip and to thank Kent College's staff for their continued support to Bright World. Accompanied by the two newest members of our guardianship team Kristine and Maddie, she hoped that they too would get a lasting first impression of our long standing partner school. Here is her full account of the day:

The best of all worlds... by Lana Foster

Lana Foster, Managing Director of Brightworld"We were met by a smiling Receptionist who welcomed us warmly and gave us our ID badges (security is of paramount importance to the school and any visitor must wear and ID badge). Hosted by Chris Joy, next we were kindly shown around all the houses. We felt welcome from start to finish and very comfortable.

Parents choose the UK and a boarding school education as it is the best opportunity they will ever give their child in life.

They are looking for high academic standards, a very secure and happy living environment and the tradition that you only achieve with a school that has existed for many years.I felt that Kent College offered this combination and the 'best of all worlds'.

They use the phrases 'A Culture of Care' and 'Proud to Achieve' in their prospectus which describes perfectly their aims for all their students.

Bright World's long term partner school, Kent College

We were also very impressed with their inclusive attitude towards different cultures. Every day they change their school flag (pictured right) to a different country represented at the school.

Today it was Canada.

Wifi everywhere...

We were very impressed to learn that every pupil is given a Mac Book Air when they enrol on the college and there is full wifi connection throughout the school. I think for most students this level of connectivity and freedom to work anywhere anytime on the schools sophisticated intranet is an absolute winner.

Kent College Library has full wifi connection throughout the school

Pictured above; students making good use of their Mac Book Airs in the library...

The rooms are bright, well appointed and have great views across to Canterbury and the fields and countryside. It must be a real pleasure to live there.

Caring and hardworking boarding staff.....

We met with Beverley Pocock, who is the Head of Austen House, one of the girls' houses at the school. From the moment you enter the door you feel a sense of warmth and security. Comfy sofas in the common rooms with fresh fruit in bowls, TVs and DVDs for group film evenings and a quiet area for those who want some space or to study.

Maddie was so pleased to meet Beverley as she is an important contact for her at the school as she liaises all the time about our guardianship students' arrivals, half terms and exeats and travel arrangements. Beverley took the time to explain the house rules and how she manages to maintain such a great atmosphere in Austen. She was also very complimentary about Bright World and our efficient communications during holiday times. She says she always knows what our students are doing and our information is very clear.

The cosy boarding house

Pictured; The cosy boarding house.

Excellence - here's the proof....

Kent recently went through a rigorous Oftsted inspection and the results speak for themselves;

click here to see the full report, which explains the changes which the college have made to their curriculum and how this really reflects their commitment to the development of individuals. Extending teaching time, introducing another qualification (IB) and the addition of new subjects were among the changes made since their last inspection in 2009.

It's the people who count....

Sheena Trist, Director of AdmissionsSheena Trist, Director of Admissions (pictured left.)

"We have worked with Jayne Simpson, Registrar at Kent College for more years than we would like to remember and have received consistently high levels of advice and administrational support in terms of us placing students at the college. They are fast and efficient for us which is what our parents and agents demand."


"My lasting impression of the school, has been that it it has a forward thinking attitude, demonstrated by the high tech intranet and IT faciliites and the new modernised faciliites. It does however, manage to maintain a level of tradition that parents are looking for.

Overwhelmingly I was impressed with the welcome we received from every single person we were introduced to and the time they took to show us the school they are all clearly so proud to be part of.

Thank you to Kent College and here’s to many more years of trusted partnership.

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