Bright World's UK Half term 2019 revision course

Bright World's UK Half term 2019 revision course

Many international students at UK boarding schools decide not to return home during their half term holidays. For those studying for GCSE and A level examinations, they feel time is better spent staying in the UK and focussing on exam preparation. 

Relax & Revise with Bright World in Cambridge

Some students don't need or want more class-based tuition during their half term holiday. For many students who are not struggling in any subjects, a relaxing non-pressured environment is exactly what they need to get on with their exam revision.

The Bright World Relax and Revise programme at Cambridge Melchior College is in its third year of operation. It provides the perfect setting for students who are self-motivated and looking for somewhere for their half term revision.

Spacious and comfortable bedrooms, classrooms and outside spaces are all available to students who can study wherever they like. Wi-fi is available throughout the campus.

Food glorious food

Revising is hungry work and we know that all of our students like a good hot meal. Our programme allows for two plentiful meals out each week but otherwise students have three meals a day on site. Snacks and drinks are available around those times as well. There are also local shops where students can buy exactly what snacks they need.

Put Half term revision to one side and get out and about

As Winston Churchill once said 'A change is as good as a rest'. As a break in studies, Relax & Revise allows students to go out in small groups for sightseeing, to do some exercise, to have a nice meal or go shopping. The flexible timetable of study time and leisure time offers the perfect balance for our students.

The Relax and Revise programme facilitates this and for all students there is the opportunity to partake in trips to London, go to the seaside, or to go into Cambridge or London for a shopping trip.

1:1 Academic support if you need it

If any Relax and Revise students do need extra assistance in a certain subject, then we can provide 1:1 tuition with specialists in that subject. Please contact us for more information on this option.

Relax & Revise versus host family stay

We find that some students prefer our residential programme because when they stay with a host family they feel they are not being polite if they stay in their room all day and study. They feel a pressure to join in with family activities and this can distract them from their studies. With Relax & Revise there is no pressure. The supervising staff understand that our students need time, space and privacy to focus on their study.

Bright World offers our guardian service and host family accommodation across the UK. Cambridge Melchior College operates our successful Relax & Revise programme at its campus just outside Cambridge. This offers a safe and secure environment for our students to literally Relax & Revise during their holidays.

Join us for the May 2019 half term 

We still have places available for the May half term programme.  Dates are from 24th May - 2nd June. 

Please contact us for more information on how to apply.  

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