Bright World joins UNWTOs Protect Children Campaign

Bright World joins UNWTOs Protect Children Campaign

Bright World joins UNWTO and adds its voice to a new global movement to protect children in travel and tourism.

As tourism across the globe reaches unprecedented levels, so does the need to eliminate child labour and sexual exploitation in the global travel industry.  A total of 218 million children are estimated to be engaged in labour worldwide, while millions are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This is why Bright World is proud to support and promote UNWTO’s (United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation’s) ‘Protect Children’ programme. 

UNWTO’s work in the field of child protection has spanned over more than fifteen years. The programme aims to prevent all forms of child and youth exploitation in the tourism sector, including sexual exploitation, child labour and child trafficking. Both Bright World and UNWTO strongly believe that the tourism industry has a moral obligation and a special responsibility to combat all of these things; this is why we are encouraging the industry to do all that they can to protect children against harm.

Bright World’s aim is to reduce the exposure of children to risk while they study in the UK, thereby keeping them safe and promoting their welfare. References, house inspections, interviews and criminal record checks are all part of our screening process for which we have zero tolerance. 
This is applied to the recruitment of our Head Office staff, Local Coordinators, Bright Wold Drivers and Host Families.  If anything causes us to doubt the credibility and suitability of a member of our organisation, then we do not proceed.

Due to our rigorous processes, Bright World was accredited by AEGIS, the Association of Education Guardians for International Students, in 2006 and is a Trusted Partner of Child Safe, gaining Bronze membership status in 2013.

The ‘Protect Children’ campaign already enjoys broad support on the part of national governments, tourism boards, other UN agencies as well as partners from the public and private sectors.

To show our support, Bright World is planning its very own event for the 20th November, Universal Children’s Day. More details are to be released at a later date. 

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