Bright World Hub: June Edition

Bright World Hub: June Edition

Welcome back to the Bright World Hub, our monthly blog where we keep you up to date with the latest activity at Bright World.

Exams are almost over and as our Local Coordinators wave goodbye to their students, our Guardianship Care and Travel and Accommodation teams are busy confirming flight details and arranging taxi transfers to make sure our students' summer plans commence without a hitch. But that’s not the only reason we have been busy this month, as June also saw Bright World host its Annual Company Conference.

For the very first time, as well as the Bright World team of Head Office staff and Local Coordinators, we were delighted to be hosting over 50 guests from 22 boarding schools and 10 agencies. We were also very pleased to welcome important associates such as Yasemin Wigglesworth from AEGIS, Ashleigh Rees from Study Travel Magazine and ST Alphe Conferences and Alistair Veness and Simon Vickers from printing company Calico.

Bright World hosts its Annual Company Conference

After a networking drinks reception and lunch, we were joined by guest speakers Peter Dommet from Sussex Police Prevent, Jennie Bishop from Barnardo’s Children’s Charity and Faical Orakzai from DPMC. You can click here to read all about our networking lunch and seminars on the news section of our website.

On the second day of our company conference, we aimed to strengthen the lines of communication between Head Office staff and Local Coordinators through one to one meetings and interactive presentations. As our meetings commenced, our newly recruited Local Coordinators joined Fiona Lee from SAFE (Safeguarding Associates For Excellence) for insightful Level 3 Child Protection Training. The day provided a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our Local Coordinators and to hear first-hand what it’s like to be a ‘Bright World Buddy’.

Alison Jelley, Local Coordinator for London, Surrey and Hertfordshire said;

You get a great sense of achievement (as a Bright World Buddy). A lot of Guardianship companies don’t visit the schools that they work with so they are always pleasantly surprised and grateful that you have come’.

 The Brightworld Guardianship Team

Rebecca Warboys, Local Coordinator for York also added I love my job, it’s the best job. I really enjoy talking to my students and spending time with them. I think that although it’s a cliché, I feel very proud to be a part of an amazing company. I feel proud to be part of an organisation that puts safeguarding at the forefront of everything it does. First class guardianship.’

When asked to describe their favourite moment as a Local Coordinator, we received some very heart-warming stories. Lesley Sutton, Local Coordinator for Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk told us; ‘I attended a concert where one of my students was playing the violin. He has no one there to support him and he didn’t know that I was coming so he was very happy and surprised.’ Similarly, Eileen Kingsland, Local Coordinator for Scotland recounted the time that she was invited to a concert in Perth to watch one of her students sing; ‘I was quite tearful,’ she said, ‘Such a joyous occasion. I would have been so proud to be her parent.’

Sarah Innes, Local Coordinator for Scotland is also a host family for Bright World. ‘My favourite moment was when I took my students on holiday to the Highlands,’ she said, ‘They were able to see the Milky Way for the first time – it was a magical moment.’

It is always a pleasure to hear stories like this and we value the fantastic work that all of our Local Coordinators do. To show our appreciation, we awarded those members of staff who we felt went above and beyond our expectations of a Local Coordinator. Congratulations to the following award winners:

Brightworld Annual Conference award winners
              Alison Jelley                        Lorraine McGlone                  Alexandra Williams                     Martyn Pape
            Best ‘Go To’ LC                     Best ‘All-rounder’                Best Flyer of our Flag                  LC of the Year

 After an insightful and uplifting conference, we look forward to the next with great anticipation!

June has also seen the Bright World team collecting feedback from students who attended our second Relax and Revise half term programme. Relax & Revise is our popular alternative to host family stay and we are very excited to be offering this course to all international boarders during Easter and all half term breaks.

Managing Director, Lana Foster and Relax & Revise Programme Manager, Jenny Rumble headed up to London during May half term in order to prepare for the arrival of our students. With such positive feedback from our last programme, it is no wonder that Relax and Revise has become even more popular and we are very pleased to report that our students enjoyed themselves once again. One student, Tami Nkhata stated that when she was not busy shopping, visiting museums and singing karaoke that she enjoyed the revision sessions, finding them useful and productive.

If you would like to secure your place for a future half term holiday or for the Easter break, then please do complete our online application form. You can also click here to see our new Relax and Revise video and here to read our online e-book.

Guardianship Care Manager Su Warren and Travel and Accommodation Manager Leanne Poole were also out of the office this month as they paid a visit to our students at partner school, Caterham School. They were joined by new Local Coordinator Amanda Strutt and Caterham’s Head of Boarding, Catherine Drummond. This was the perfect time for Amanda to introduce herself to her students and to develop her new working relationship with Caterham. We are confident that Amanda will be excellent in her new role.

Guardianship Care Manager Su Warren and Travel and Accommodation Manager Leanne Poole at partner school, Caterham School

As for our Marketing Department, Director of Sales & Marketing, Charlotte Hamson is busy preparing for her trip to the Hong Kong Overseas Study Centre Fair where she will be meeting with some of our overseas partner agents. The department will also be finalising and proof reading articles for our annual magazine Bright Eye, which is set to be published in August this year. Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for more updates.

Until next time,

The Bright World Team.

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