Bright World Hub: February Edition

Bright World Hub: February Edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of the Bright World Hub. The quadrennial Leap Day is here and as a result, we will soon be waving goodbye to a slightly longer February. It is believed that with a Leap Day comes good fortune and Bright World has certainly had a very prosperous month. Not only did Directors Lana and James Foster pay a visit to New York, but we also saw the successful launch of our first ever Relax and Revise programme in Willesden, London.

Before we began our adventures in London and New York, we were very excited to learn that we would be entering February as new Corporate Members of English UK. English UK is the national association of accredited English Language centres, and the world's leading language teaching association. As a UK-registered charity, their key aim is to advance the education of international students in the English language. We are delighted to be partnered with such a fantastic organisation and we look forward to working closely with English UK to enhance the experience for our students and benefit from the industry-specific training courses now available to us.

 key Bright World Partner agent, Mentor International


Lana and James jetted off to the big apple in support of key Bright World Partner agent, Mentor International. Lana was thrilled to be asked by the event’s organiser and USA Director, Caroline Nixon, to run a seminar on the role of a guardian, something that is sometimes overlooked by parents who are busy selecting the perfect school for their child.

Lana explained that it is our job as educational guardians to ensure that the transition between term time and holiday time is seamless and that the high level of care given by our partner boarding schools continues during all short holidays. Lana also went onto describe the frequent and recent unforeseen events, such as fog and snow, that can occur throughout the school year where guardians must step in at short notice.  

After the seminar, Lana and James met with 38 families all looking to send their children to the UK to study. Click here to read the full story on Bright World’s trip to the Big Apple.

This half term also saw the launch of our new Relax and Revise programme at the Stay Academy, London. Relax and Revise serves as an alternative to homestay for students aged 12 plus who want to spend the school holidays with their school friends and in touching distance from the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions.

Members of the Head Office team paid a visit to the Stay Academy to meet with our students and to see how they were getting along. We received some lovely feedback and some fantastic photographs of our students enjoying their excursions.



Most of our students said that they were enjoying their stay so much, that they would love to return and even preferred the programme to homestay.

Bissai Maenje, one of our long-standing guardianship students thought he would try Relax and Revise for the first time and he wasn’t disappointed. He said: “I prefer Relax & Revise to a host family. There is less pressure and more freedom to do what I want when I want.”

Lana Foster, Managing Director of Brightworld

Lana Foster, Managing Director (pictured left): “I am so pleased that this first week of our new course has been such a success. With a few teething problems ironed out in the first day or so the students are really getting into the swing of things and enjoying their stay.

We are already accepting bookings for our next Relax and Revise course which will take place this Easter. As we do not provide host families during the Easter holidays, Relax and Revise is an excellent alternative for our students. To learn more about Relax and Revise, please visit our Half Term, Easter and Summer Courses page. You can also click here to watch our brand NEW welcome film to learn more about our safe, caring and efficient guardianship services. Our leading programmes are available at over 500 schools and universities across England and Scotland.

Aside from their trips to the Stay Academy, our Guardianship Care Managers have also been finalising term dates for the next academic year with our partner schools. At this time of year, we are now approaching Exeat 4 in which all students will leave their boarding schools once again. During this time, our students will be placed into our trusted host families and so our Guardianship Department will be working closely with our Travel and Accommodation Managers to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

The Travel and Accommodation Department has recently been dealing with February half term’s Care Plans and making sure that all students were happy in their allocated host families. With the outstanding response for new host families, the Department has also been busy processing DBS checks and assigning house visits to our Local Coordinators.

With the British Boarding Schools Workshop taking place on the 4th and 5th of March, our Admissions Team has been scheduling one to one meetings with our attending partner schools. We keep our partner schools constantly updated with any new developments at Bright World and enjoy having a good catch up at this bi-annual event. 

The Admissions Team has also been collaborating with the Sales and Marketing Department to create new Boarding School Newsflashes for our Partner Agents. This is a new feature that we have created to keep our partner agents up to date with the goings-on at our partner schools.  Whether it’s a new building, an update on application deadlines or a celebration of student achievements, these newsflashes will give agents a real feel for the ethos of our schools.

With so much going on at Head Office, we could do with the extra day this month.
Until next time,

The Bright World Team

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