Bright World Hub: October Edition

Bright World Hub: October Edition

The leaves are falling, the woolly jumpers are out and our students are getting excited for half term –it must be Autumn!

This month has been busier than ever for Bright World, with some of our Head Office staff jetting off across the globe. What’s more, with the amount of magnificent Host Families on the rise, Bright World have gained four new additions to the team! A very warm welcome to Inna Shepperd, Lisa Richardson and Nicky Daniel, our new Local Coordinators for Leicester, Lincolnshire and Devon, and to Blythe Baker, our new Host Family Inspector. After a very successful training day, we are confident that our new members of staff will be superb in their new roles and we wish them the very best of luck.

News staff members at Brightworld
            Inna Shepperd                       Lisa Richardson                         Nicky Daniel                           Blythe Baker

Our Guardianship team have also been busy finalising plans for the half term and dealing with any last minute changes. A recent international airline bankruptcy has meant several last minute flight changes, so our GCMs have been busy collecting new details for those of our students who are travelling home for the short holiday. Our Guardianship Care Managers have now also finalised plans for the second exeat weekend of the Autumn term. Many of our partner boarding schools have two such weekends a term, where all students are asked to leave the boarding house. This means that our GCMs will soon be contacting our clients to check that they are happy with all the arrangements that we have put in place. 

Earlier this month, our Directors James and Lana paid a visit to Germany, where they attended ST Alphe Frankfurt’s annual workshop. The workshop focuses on secondary education for international students, with agents attending from all over Europe and other parts of the world. James and Lana were delighted to meet new friends from across the globe and to gain new partnerships with some fantastic agents. 

Brightworld at the Global Student Center

While catching up with partner schools in Germany, Lana and James unexpectedly met with the Registrar from Alexanders College at the very moment that our Director of Sales and Marketing, Charlotte, met with their Headmaster in Almaty! Both Charlotte and our Russian Speaking Counsellor, Theona, were attending the Euroschool Fair in Kazakhstan, where over 2600 pupils had the chance to meet with over 73 institutions from 19 countries. As part of their meeting, students were invited to play the Bright World game with Theona; a fun and interactive way to find out a bit more about our services.

Although she thoroughly enjoyed her time in Germany, Lana was very keen to return home to the two newest members of the Bright World family; Hedge and Hog. Hedgehogs are quickly becoming an endangered species in the UK and Autumn is a difficult time for our prickly friends as they prepare for hibernation. So, with winter fast approaching, Lana and James have decided to adopt the two hedgehogs living in their back garden.

One way Lana and James are helping Hedge and Hog is by making a feeding station in their garden with lots of hedgehog-friendly food and water. It’s a common myth that Hedgehogs enjoy drinking milk, but this will upset their stomachs and we don’t want that! Hedge and Hog’s favourite meal is wet cat or dog food (which Apple and Onion have been kind enough to share). However, if you want to help a little hedgehog prepare for winter, you can also feed them some chopped unsalted nuts, or minced meat of any kind. By fattening up our little friends, we are helping the hungry hogs to build the energy they need when raising hoglets and to store enough fat for a nice thick coat during a long winter.

Hedge and Hog

If you want to find out more about Hedge and Hog, check back with our next edition of the Bright World Hub, where we will be back with more updates.

Until next time, wrap up warm!

From the Bright World Team

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