AEGIS - What Does it Mean to be Accredited?

AEGIS - What Does it Mean to be Accredited?

Accreditation is crucial for any organisation in any field. The stamp of approval from an impartial, external governing body assures that the organisation under scrutiny is doing things properly.

International parents and students are asked to choose a family friend or a Guardianship Organisation when they enrol their child into a UK boarding school. We want parents to understand the importance of choosing an AEGIS-accredited guardian and what that accreditation actually means. They should be aware of the risk they may take if they choose otherwise.

With so many Guardianship Organisations to choose from, AEGIS continues to do their best to help parents by offering an Assessment and Inspection framework in order to assess the quality of UK guardianship organisations.

We at Bright World know what it means to be accredited, the question now is: what does it mean to you?

“Becoming a fully accredited member of AEGIS involves a rigorous inspection process. Accreditation will only be granted once the inspectors are satisfied that the Guardianship Organisation meets all of the AEGIS inspection criteria and standards.” Yasemin Wigglesworth Executive Officer, AEGIS

AEGIS Guardianship

Accreditation Process & Assessment Framework

Bright World is about to submit the final paperwork for the company's AEGIS inspection. During an AEGIS inspection, which takes place every four years, the following categories are the main areas that are scrutinised by independent OFSTED and highly-trained inspectors:

  • Legal paperwork, proper contracts and insurance These are here to protect parents and organisations alike. It is important that everything has been thought through and the guardianship organisations, their drivers and host families’ obligations and responsibilities are clear.
  • Systematic information sharing It is very important that all parties involved with taking care of children are fully aware of what is happening, when and by who at all times. This includes sharing vital medical information, exact travel and accommodation plans for holidays and the proof that children will be properly supervised at all times.
  • Screening of employees and host families If you choose an unaccredited guardian you cannot be sure that vital criminal record checks and professional and personal references have been obtained, houses have been inspected and re-inspected regularly. (Bright World also screens all our drivers).
  • Training It is very important that all staff in a Guardianship Organisation have had child protection training and know what to do in an emergency situation. It is also vital that organisations follow Safer Recruitment guidelines when employing people who will be looking after children.
  • Feedback from current and past clients
  • AEGIS don’t just take our word for it, they conduct interviews with students, schools and host families and send questionnaires to overseas parents and schools to check on the quality of our service and training.

Choosing an AEGIS accredited guardianship organisation means that parents can be sure they are doing all they can to keep their child safe. 

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