The Bright World Hub Summer 2018 is here!

The Bright World Hub Summer 2018 is here!

You may be picturing us with our feet up, enjoying the hot weather now that all our students are safely home for their summer holidays. Like the recent UK heatwave, the reality may not be quite as you may expect and whilst our students are resting we are warming up for the next academic year and preparing already for September arrivals and beyond.

At Bright World we always like to look ahead but there is always time to sit back and reflect on the great Summer term just passed with so many great things to update you on.

Our Guardianship Care team took on our largest student departure yet in July and did so in style with hundreds of students safely transported to airports all over the UK. To their delight, our Emergency phone rung only several times to report a few setbacks but otherwise all parents and students were happy. Back in June, our Local Coordinator team travelled from all over the UK for our all-important Local Coordinator Conference. The team were met by Bright World partner schools, agents along with a host of expert industry speakers who shared their wealth of knowledge and offered important Safeguarding training and updates.

Study Travel News published an article following the event, which is available to read in full here . The article paid special attention to our Managing Director, Lana Foster's seminar; 'I'm going to open a dog kennels, or is that too complicated?’ which uncovered the lack of UK government regulation that exists in the guardianship industry.

Jumping back for a moment to the very of the beginning of the Summer term to the launch of our online Host Family Selection Tool, we can report that this new feature has been well received by parents and agents who are enjoying feeling much more involved in the decision-making process when it comes to selecting the all-important Host Family. Since May, we have launched 3 more features to our partners to help them when advising parents about their guardianship programme

News from our departments

General news:

The job we do as uk guardians is like any other childcare service. The only difference with the children under our care is that they are not British, and therefore they fall outside of the UK childcare audit. We still find it hard to believe that in 2018 the guardianship sector is unrecognised and unregulated by any UK authority and that AEGIS guardianship and accreditation is the only body tasked with regulating our industry and accreditation is voluntary.

You can imagine then, how encouraged we were to hear the news that the BSA (The Boarding Schools Association) joined forces with AEGIS in July to show their support to good guardianship and to promote higher standards. We see this as an important first step to raising awareness amongst the schools of the need to adopt a zero tolerance approach to anything less than top notch safeguarding throughout the academic year, not just when the child is at school. 

Guardianship Care:

The Summer has come round extremely quickly for our Guardianship Care Managers at the office, who are tasked with ensuring that all students have a smooth arrival and departure from school for the final term of the academic year. Not surprisingly, it is the Summer departure which takes the most effort and energy to prepare with success rates to match. Well done all!

The second half of the Summer term is the busier of the two halves for our Student’s Bright World Buddies, who visited all students who stayed with their host family for the first time during the Summer Half term.

Our Bright World student Buddies  are now beginning to set up meetings with their student’s Houseparent’s for the all-important arrival visit meetings.

Safeguarding, Accommodation & Travel

Our fantastic Accommodation & Travel Managers (ATMs) Fi and Leanne, have now roomed all students who require a host family for their school breaks, so a big thank you and congratulations is in order.

We are now able to select families for our students within just a week of their parents completing their enrolment with us and of ATMs have embraced this new process and re helping us to ensure that parents can see their full colour profile months before they even land here in the UK.

Following the EU GDPR law changes in April, as an Organisation we have had to ensure that all our Host Families and Drivers are informed on the changes. Leanne and Fi have been a big part in ensuring that we are now handling data in line with these changes, assisting our Data Protection lead, James Foster.

Marketing & Admissions

We can hardly believe that it is a mere 5 months ago that Cory joined our Sales & Marketing team. After 6 and a half years as a much-valued member of our Guardianship Care he has grown in his new role as our Marketing & Admissions Manager and has become an essential addition to the department. Returning from Hong Kong last month, Cory supported our longest standing Agent partner, Hong Kong Overseas Study Centre for their Annual Education Fair. During his visit, Cory visited other Bright World Partner offices to meet with new parents and update counselling staff on our news. As part of his role Cory has taken on responsibility of helping and managing relationships with clients in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine and the rest of Remainder of Europe non EEA, Kazakhstan and rest of Central Asia.

Louis Allen was promoted to Sales & Marketing Coordinator earlier this summer and will now help us in managing relationships with clients in The UK, Middle East, Nigeria, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and South America. Louis is already making great waves in helping us to improve communications with new parents and partner agencies.

Until next time,

The Bright World Team

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