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UK Language Schools in England

School Location Type Age
Badminton School with Etherton Education Bristol Co-Ed 10-15 years
Bede's Summer School Eastbourne 6-11 Years East Sussex Co-Ed 6-11 Years
Bede's Summer School Handcross 10-14 Years West Sussex Co-Ed 10-14
Bede's Summer School Lancing 13-18 Years West Sussex Co-Ed 13-18
Bede's Summer School The Dicker Centre 12-17 Years St Bedes Co-Ed 12-17
Bede's Summer School Windlesham School 9-13 Years West Sussex Co-Ed 9-13
DLD College London Academic Summer London Co-Ed 12-17
Hurstpierpoint College Hurstpierpoint Co-Ed 10-17
Kings Summer Centres Bath, London, Shropshire, Reading, Dorset, Essex Co-Ed 3-17
Lord Wandsworth College with Etherton Education Hampshire Co-Ed 15-17
Oxford Summer Camp Oxford Co-Ed 8- 14
Sherborne Summer School Dorset (Heathow 2 hours) Co-Ed 11-17
Sidcot School with Academic Summer Bristol Co-Ed 7-18
Taunton International Summer School 7-17 year olds Taunton Co-Ed 8-17
Wellington School with Etherton Education Somerset Co-Ed Junior Academic Course:10-12 Pre-GCSE Course:13-15

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