Guardianship Testimonials

Here are a selection of testimonials from people who have used our services.

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Bright World makes it easier to feel at home away from home by putting us in different homes with very often nice people, allowing us to get a better feel of the British culture which in its own way is educational. Even if one opts for the Relax and Revise option it is a great way to focus on your studies and meet people from different schools around the country and backgrounds which is quite a great experience. They helped me find a place to stay and meet new people and friends, some whom i am still in touch with today.

Bright World really cared about the quality of the time I was staying in the UK. Drivers and host families were all extremely friendly and trustworthy people. I really enjoyed my time staying with them which enhanced my experiences studying in the UK.

Bright World provided me with the best families which suited myself and it was easy from both sides to communicate. Some families made me feel very welcomed and safe, and they supported me through my homesickness. Thank you.

Bright World provided me somewhere to stay in the half term and they have been a great listener when there are times that I would like to express my opinion on something. They are amazing!

The Bright World programme is very convenient and very caring for students. It's perfect!

It was very safe and secure to know I could always contact bright world with things I need, or worry about. At the time I had Alex as my guardian, and she always took care of me and checked up on me, she was really nice and the entire programme is wonderful.

They provide good host families, and a strong back shield for overseas students.

The care they give is very significant- I felt safer.

Bright World always took responsibility of my transfer to the airport, which always was perfect. Everything was organised well.

The Bright World guardianship programme helped me feel safe and supported when I was away from my family and home.

My stay in the UK was helped by Bright World, as the host families I stayed with were full of love.

I have been working at Academic Asia for over three years. I enjoy these years working with my colleagues. I also enjoy working with you. In these years. I am really appreciated for what you did for our students. With your help, they can study in UK more smoothly.

I called Yana during her exeat weekend with Lucinda. She told me that the host family were "great, perfect, amazing. I love Lucinda, her house and her daughter"

I called Sohib during his first exeat weekend with Lilla. He sounded very happy and told me that he was having a lovely weekend. He said that he liked his bedroom and was happy having other students around. 

Danilo said that he is having a good weekend and that everything is OK and that his host family are very nice. He said that he has a very comfortable warm bedroom and is sleeping well. He added that the food is quite nice and that he has enough to eat. He told me that he feels very comfortable with his host family and that everything was fine and that he had no problems.

Jacomien praised and complimented Bright World. She stated that Bright World have a brilliant system that promotes caring and putting students well being first. She feels like at Bright World the guardians and school are committed to working together as a team. Jacomien wishes other guardianship companies were as attentive, easily contactable and professional as Bright World. One of Bright World's strengths is our effective communication. As a house parent, she also feels reassured that the company have a local coordinator living nearby. 

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Bright World staff for taking good care of our son since his arrival in the UK last March. Please tell our best regards also to Ms. Alexandra Williams, our son's buddy.

It has been a pleasure to have the guardianship from Bright World to look after Bill when he is in the UK, the service from the company has been delightful.

Atee's parents are very happy with the service from Bright World. Feedback from this family is 10 out of 10, especially Atee who is aways happy to stay with host family.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Bright World Guardianship team for the care that was accorded to Bissai for the last five years that he was undertaking his studies in UK.  It is my hope that a lot of other international students will benefit from Bright World’s services just as Bissai did. Both Revise and Relax and the Host Family times will remain memorable for Bissai.

I, as well as Cloris, have enjoyed the excellent services provided by you and your colleagues. Besides, I also want to thank my friend for introducing a very good guardianship company in UK to me and Cloris.

The past two years have been great for Kai and I think he really enjoyed it. Both Kai and I want to say thank you so much for all the things you have done for us and the time has really been pleasant for us working together as a team. 

I forgot to mention my gratitude towards Ms. Dee Viana for all her support and time on my son throughout his studies in Bedford School. She did a lot for us as being his guardian in attending parents' meetings, sending me information on his studies, and also checking on him from time to time. The feeling is just like having your own family member there looking after Charles. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your attention and care of Gabriela. We are very satisfied with your work.

Your efficiency and the searching tool where you can search for suitable families is so powerful and fantastic.. Such a brilliant tool! Well done. 

The new [guardianship] toolkit is amazing, thank you very much for updating us and making agent's work easier

It was a pleasure using your services for the last 18 months or so. Natasha has been well taken care of and we truly appreciate your professional services of handling the transportation for her. 

We have been checking all the information you sent us and you are really doing a great job! Your material is great and with all matters very well explained (personally I think that the material of a company almost always reflects its quality), and also we are impressed by the big number of partners schools you have in UK and the possibility to be adviced by you... and even to book them through you, which are both points an added value to your services!

Apart of all this, you are so fast answering our doubts and concerns, which is the main point when working together!

It was lovely to meet you both in person and show you the college. I know the students really appreciate being visited by someone away from the college, and Brightworld is excellent at doing this – thank you.

We look forward to welcoming students to join our school via your wonderful services.

We are so impressed by your professional service, and are looking forward to cooperating again with Bright World.  

We particularly appreciate Cory's honesty and responsibility, please thank Cory for his hard work. We expect Robbie to provide the same quality of service as Cory. 

Thank you all very much!

Big hugs- you are the best Guardianship Company in the UK!

Blink for Agents is really an amazing and excellent system! I think it will be very helpful in my future working.

It was a pleasure to deal with your company and we will recommend you if we know someone to send their children to the UK.

Many thanks to everyone who helps with student placements and for continuing to allocate students to me. I am most grateful to all parties involved. You all work pretty hard on everybody's behalf. Well done!

Mrs Zvekova kindly asked me to pass her thanks to Peter for his job and all the care he provides for Bogdan. She told me that Peter is always polite and Bogdan enjoys travelling with him a lot. Thank you for assigning such nice drivers for out students!

You have an excellent system that works really well for us as agents. It is very convenient and parents really like us. Our parents really appreciate your airport transfer system and it makes them feel very secure. I have nothing but positive feedback for you.  

I have worked with Bright World for many years so am aware of what a well organised Guardianship company it was, but I'm still surprised at the breadth of info you share with families, host families and school. Well done to you all. 

You're the best custodial company I've ever seen. We all trust you very much.

Thank you very much for all your help during these months. It has made everything easier for me. A very professional service.

It was absolutely splendid. I would most certainly do it again as well as recommend to others. Thank you

Thanks for your note and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you and the staff of Bright World, for taking care Regine in the last 6 and a half year.

Dear Jimmy,

As this academic year for my son Jeroan is going to finish soon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for liaising with Bright World for my son’s guardianship in the UK! Jeroan is very happy staying with his host family during exeats and term breaks, and he enjoyed the accompaniment of the other students who stayed concurrently with the host family too, including some other overseas students. Jeroan is looking forward to staying in the same host family next year too. 

Many thanks again!

I would like to thank you very much for last weeks' conference.

I am delighted to have met Charlotte and the rest of your team members. That was such a positive day. I happily witnessed how much your team enjoy working with you and being under the Bright World umbrella. That was fascinating!

This conference gave me the opportunity to understand your place in the industry, which made me feel that we are not alone when we need experienced hands.

Thank you and your team once again for this great day, it was a real eye opening for us.

For the past three years, Bright World has provided us with very good guardianship services and we really appreciate your kind help and strong support.

Very good e-mail communication and grateful for phone call.

Gina was a lovely student and was polite and mixed well. We loved having her and would welcome her back anytime.

We are very impressed with Bright World with the quality of your students and your excellent communication.

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply and assistance in securing transportation for Jack Guo. I really appreciate the excellent service from Bright World.

Have a great day.

Choosing Bright World as my daughter's guardian is the one of the best choices I've ever made.

We are most appreciative and impressed with the professionalism of your Guardianship services, and will not hesitate to highly recommend it to all our friends.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Dear Lesley, 

I was so impressed by your level of commitment and the degree of thoroughness and care you provide the students in your care. 

I look forward to seeing you when you come to campus for Leni! 

With kind regards,


Thanks Su, you are Regine's Guardian angel as usual - offering her your timely concrete support. 

Dear Simon

Thank you for the information. It is a pleasure to work with Martyn (Bright World Local Coordinator). He is utterly professional, patient and supportive.

Dear Mr King
Thank you very much for helping with my studies and for taking care of me. Christmas is coming, merry Christmas to you in advance!

I love blink it makes my job so much easier and I love working with Bright World. It makes life so much easier. Especially being able to submit online flight requests

'It is great to work with a guardianship company that is so proactive and efficient in it's communications. I use the emails that you send as a benchmark of how a professional company should operate."  

Thank you for introducing Blink to us. It is really a very user-friendly (agent) portal that allows us to manage guardianship and school applications easily. We will make good use of Blink,

Bright World Guardianships have been a long-standing partner with Aston Education since it first started.  Bright World follows up on students closely with regard to their needs and individual situations at school.  As a guardian, their role is extremely important, especially with younger students or when students are in need.  Bright World is always quick to react when students need assistance. Their service is all rounded, and no matter if it is for a student’s travel arrangements during term breaks, or homestay arrangements, they are very caring throughout the student’s stay in the United Kingdom.  We highly recommend students and parents to use Bright World Guardianship service.

Just a few words to express my heartfelt thanks to you in offering advice for my son Jeroan’s guardianship, and in liaising to get good guardian host family for my son!  During the October Exeat, Jeroan had a wonderful stay at the host family at Weston-Super-Mare. Now that Jeraon is back from UK to HK for half term break, me and my wife are very grateful to see his happy face and to have learnt that Bright World is doing very good guardianship duties in UK for us.  Many many thanks again!

Dear Simon

Thank you for copying me in on the communication to parents, it was good to read such professional and proactive communication!

Hello Su, 

I want to express my deepest thanks for informing Aves's situation right away on Saturday. Really top-notch and professional indeed. 

Dear Inna,

David's parents have expressed their dear thanks for looking after and hosting David over the last two years.

David has informed his parents that he is very happy under your care and they thank you for looking after him in their absence.

I would also like to express my thanks on behalf of Phillip and myself for looking after David over the last few years as the Chen family are a very important client to us.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Hi Sam,


Thank you.


It's so nice to work with a professional organisation like yourselves and feel valued. We do go that extra mile to make sure your students are well cared for and I'm sure this will continue in years to come.

Thank you so much for your care last year. It really made my first year in UK much easier.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for taking care of Tiffany. Tiffany loved to stay with her host family, Melanie O' Brien and thank you for the hospitality she showed Tiffany. We will definitely contact you again for the guardianship service.

I would like to express my appreciation to Bright World which is very professional and responsible.

Best wishes and enjoy your summer holiday.

The new Partent Portal is really cool and useful! And it is convenient for us to keep up to date with news about Sonya, many thanks!

Morning Jo,


Thank you for all your help, my parents and I really appreciate the work you and your team do at Bright World, from finding lovely host families to making sure my transportation is arranged. I am very glad to have had Bright World as my guardianship company.


I hope you enjoy your summer!


Kind regards,



Dear Mr Holden,

I'd like to express our thanks from myself and our family to Bright World Guardianship team.

Due to your personal approach to each child, your highest competence and experience, our children live in the atmosphere of amiability, care and love, in which they can learn and expertise the life in very home environment where each pupil feels himself comfortably.

Special thanks that Bright World pays a great attention to the morality, decency, ability to consider others.

Wish to all Bright World team good health, welfare and happiness.

Kind regards,

Tatiana Veshkurtseva

Hi Simon

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help over the last school year, and for making my first year in boarding a little less overwhelming!

Hope you have a good summer, (if we ever get any sun!), and look forward to speaking to you again on the other side of the summer hols.

Kindest regards


Dear (Jenny) Rumble,


First we would like to thank you and all of your colleagues for your cooperation and help!

Yana loves to talk and discuss with your staff on really useful subjects in the regular meetings at Colvin.

We are absolutely happy with your service during the all years together and truly would recommend your company to our friends!

Thank and we wish you a great Summer holiday!

Kind regards,

Nikolay Tumbev 

Dear Su,

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during Kelly's study at Clifton, and please pass along my thanks to your colleagues as well. We've been very happy with Bright World. 

I hope you have a good summer.

Many thanks,


Dear Eileen,
With Juan back home, we just wanted to thank you, (for hosting Juan) while he's lived in Scotland. He'll never forget that, neither us.How you looked after him, your food, your warm home, your family and the plans you organised for him....

Thanks so much, Eileen.

We'll keep in touch. Wishing you a good summer.

Best regards for all the family.

Marta & Adolfo

We appreciate very much that all of you, especially Simon and Dee, have taken care of my son all the time warmheartedly.

Thanks to all the staff at Bright World, he did not have any big troubles in almost 4 years in the UK. H
e is going to graduate Bedford School and is aming for a University in the UK.

Your company is very responsible and professional. I am so grateful what your company have done. Thank you.

I must say I am always very impressed with Bright World- very organised and helpful people.

Dear Su,

At last, I should tell you about how much appreciation I’ve always had. I think you do care about every student supervised under Bright World. Thanks a lot. 


Dear Jo,

I have shown the pictures on the Parent Portal to these two girls' parents, and they appreciated all you have done for the girls. Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you so much Su! Really thank you for solving my holiday problem, and my holiday it is really nice and I really enjoy it 😊😊

Thank you for all the information Su and for your quick and professional response to the situation, it made things very easy.


Thanks to Kristine for her help on the things overall and also to the people who supported her.

Thanks Tracey for her take a really good care of Fay. Fay spent really a happy time with her and her family.

Thanks Martyn Pape for his taking Fay to and from the airport and he also sent the short messages to inform me the status Fay was. And I was relieved at them.

Thanks you all to give me such a great help.


Wuyan Xu


As our son's academic journey is coming to an end, I just want to say I deeply appreciate all the help you and your company has provided us during the journey. 

Dear Su,

Thank you for these details pertaining to Danila.

Daniel spoke warmly about the family guardianship with Mr. Mo Gholami. Please tell them that our family is very grateful for their participation in the life of Daniel.

Best regards,

Tatyana Bezrukova-Stratyeva

Dear Jenny Rumble,

I found out a lot of good news about Jennifer from your emails.

Thanks for everything you did for Jennifer.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday in this special season.

Michael Sun

Dear Kristine;

Many thanks for your prompt response to my request for Grace's travelling information.  Your professional service meant a lot to alleviate Grace's stress on her first time travelling by herself. Great work done!

With Best Wishes;

Sam Wong 

Dear Charlotte,

I am humbled by knowing more about the Bright World and the excellent work it offers to students, parents and agents in large. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this amazing organisation.

A great collaboration requires mutual trust and respect. I sincerely hope that we can make positive contributions to Bright World, and brighten more Chinese students’ worlds through your services.

I very much look forward to developing a close working relationship with you, your friend Grace Wang and your team in the near future!

Kindest regards,


Dear Kristine,
I am quite impressed by the good service from your organization, we also receive the notes posted in the Blink by Jack's buddy. We will be happy to recommend your organization to other parents who are considering send their kids to UK to study.

Dear Simon,

This email is just to give you short feedback after Elisa's stay during half term break.

She had a really good time and enjoyed the stay in the host family. Everything was good.

Many thanks to Bright World and to you personally for your very friendly and professional care and all the arrangements.

I will certainly recommend Bright World.

Best regards and many thanks,


Dear Kristine, 
I would like to give you feedback for the good care and assistance from host family Mrs. Wang for Jack Guo. Jack was happy and felt at ease and comfortable with the arrangement. Please do pass our appreciation to her at your convenience.
For your information we have recommend your company to two prospects: one is considering change from other Guardianship company to yours; another is a Hong Kong based overseas studies agency who is looking for Guardianship company in UK for their students as they don't provide this service yet. It's a token of appreciation from your happy client.
Thank you.
George Guo

Su and Hannah,


No words can express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your kindness and prompt arrangement.  We are grateful to have you all taking care of Regine. 

I would like to thank you for the services that you have provided for us at your best ability and quality. We have been pleased, as well as Aleksandra, who has always given us a good feedback about your frequent visits and warm messages.

At any suitable point, I will recommend Bright World as an excellent guardian agency.

I have been in contact several times with Grace (Bright World’s Chinese Speaking Counsellor), she was very enthusiastic and responsible and this is one of the reasons we chose Bright World.

We are confident that under your tutelage, Jiang Luoyi will be in the United Kingdom as they are in China; healthy and happy.

Thank you for the few years that you and your team have supported us.

We chose another guardianship agent when our daughter was in Norfolk, but I was surprised to see the difference between you two, and I was happy that I chose you.


This has been a great year for (my daughter) and for us with unlimited nice experiences. Some of these experiences have been achieved through your support and kindness. I appreciate all you have done for her and for us.

Thank you very much.

Regarding a Bright World Driver - 

My son had to catch a connection flight between Heathrow and Gatwick and his first plane was 45 minutes late. I was really nervous because I believe that my son would have most likely missed his flight. Thankfully Mr . Gholami did everything possible to get my son at the airport on time, which he managed to do, he also informed me about the situation by sending me text messages when everything turned out to be all right. I was extremely pleased about Mr. Gholami's kindness and professionalism; I would most definitely recommend him to anyone.

When I stumbled on your website while searching for a school for Keith, I had no idea it would turn out like this. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a splendid collaboration. LVS is a good school and Keith loved it and he had a very good relationship with his teachers and other staff members.

I had a lot of demands which were met accordingly and in a friendly and timely manner. I was welcomed and I relied on your team. Keith's affairs were managed efficiently. I remain grateful to Sheena, Cory and James for meeting all my needs and those of Keith. For instance, when Keith's performance dipped Sheena secured services of LISC to help him with revisions. It boosted him and he regained his confidence. He expects good results. James came in when I was moving to Abidjan and managed the finances. I got a lot of relief and had a peace of mind. Cory did all the backstopping. In addition, there was Simon who met Keith's emergencies.

Last but not least, we have been happy with the families. Some went beyond providing lodging but supported his personal development and his school work. Those who come to mind are Linda, Louise and Michele's family. We are grateful for all their contributions and care.

Keith moves on to Canada in September. He loved his time in England. We remain your ambassadors.

Thank you so much. God bless everyone.

We are very satisfied with the work you and your colleagues have done over the three years of Dasha's school life. Brightworld helped us in many situations that needed special attention and prompt actions. We trully appreciate your business.

Yana Torokhova, parent of guardianship student, Dasha. 

Regarding a Bright World driver: 

My son had the pleasure of first using Mo's taxi service in 2012 when his guardian arranged for him to be met by Mo on arrival at Heathrow to take him to Brighton College where he attended boarding school. Mo's reliable service was not only timely but came with a smile and most importantly, safe driving!  Needless to say, that led to many more trips with Mo, all with the safe reliability and safety.  And when faced with traffic congestion, Mo has always found a better route to get to the destination in the time planned for. As a parent and one who has personally enjoyed Mo's transport service, I recommend him unreservedly. Be prepared though for Mo's words of wisdom!

Ron Chua, Parent of Guardianship Student, Brian. 

I would like to thank you for your great efforts in taking care of Grace in 2014-2015. I tresaure your great services offered to us.

Our friends in Asia may also have their kids study in the UK and we would be very happy to introduce Brightworld to them!

Thanks for your help and excellent service for Irene in this year! 

'Many thanks for the travel requests for both Zarina and Daniyar. 
Thanks for your outstanding efficiency with these all year and I hope you have a great summer.'

(Bright World) was so helpful for Jason and us during those half terms in past four years.

Jason will finish his study in QE in York and he will go to university when next term starts.'

Many thanks for the information, you and the team of Bright World is the best of the best!

Please thank Jenny and of course yourself for all the support you have both given John and I - we really appreciated having an "ear" when problems arose.  Bright World, I must say, has been super-supportive.

Dear Su, 


On behalf of our family I would like to say THANK YOU to all members of the Bright World's team for your professional work, superior service and attention to detail. 


THANK YOU very much for everything you have done for our daughter Anastasia!


I wish the Bright World every success in the future! 


I will definitely recommend your service to everyone I know.


Sincerely yours,



Dear Judith,
I did receive your report and would love to thank you wholeheartedly for wasting your own day off to attend 
the parents' meeting and talk to Artyom's teachers. Your feedback came in no time and it is clear, concise 
and just music to our ears (I could possibly reread it a thousand times:))). 
Such professional attitude!
Words do not suffice to express our gratitude.

Thanks Claire,thanks Adele,thanks Grace,thanks Bridget Thanks Bright World Guardianships everyone help Rosalyn!

You arrange host family Susan Tlyer' house, my daughter and I feel very satisfied.

Adele and Rosalyn in Lawrence House 'photo very happy! Ade|e is my daughter's buddy, Adele is very friendly and pleasantness,

We are very thankful Adele help and take care of my daughter‍ we will to arrange airplane terms end time, then will tell you! have a good afternoon!

To Bright World Guardianship Co.

I would like to convey to you my high appreciation in the way your company had greatly helped my daughter in her schooling years at Moira House and of course made our life much easier! I shall surely contact you, if the need arises, in future.

Many thanks and best wishes, 

Praveen Varma

Dear Claire,

Thanks so much for the kind assistance and Hannah has already reverted us with transportation arrangement.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Hannah for your support as always and without you and Bright World, Regine is unable to enjoy a caring and happy school life as it is in UK.

New school term will be starting soon and we wish you have a wonderful and fruitful term year ahead.

Kindest regards,

Dear Tammy

After a great year of studies in Leeds, our son took the decision of continuing his studies here in Monterrey. 

We want to thank you for your outstanding and also kind professional work. It was great to have the support of you and your company when a child is outside home.

Sincerely yours, 

Dear Mr Foster

Thank you very much for your email. You`ve been a great help for Koichi`s stay in UK. All of your host family were wonderful. Koichi is going to miss them a lot.

"Dear Charlotte, Thanks for your email and for your great job. It is a pleasure to work with you as you always reply timely. I am sure we will continue working closely in the future.”

Dear Sheena

Thank you so much for all your effort and assistance .

 you have been so wonderful.

with best wishes,

Mrs olatunji.

Dear Claire

Thank you very for your arrangement and help! We are so lucky to have you and Bright World for our guardian ! Thanks again!

Best wishes!

Sunny Wong


I have known Lana for sometime now meeting her back in 2010. We enjoyed spending time with Liz, and we would like to personally thank you for recommending students to Moorland. We like how you operate and what you represent, and business has always been light, and enjoyable between us.

Hi Charlotte,

You are very welcome for the chocolate and we would like to wish you all a fantastic 2014!

Thank you very much for your assistance during the past year and please also bring our warm wishes to Carol, Sheena and James who have provided a lot of support.

Dear Brightworld Team,

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Euroschool Agency to say a big thank you to you, wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Looking forward to hearing you

With best wishes


Dear Cory,

I enter through the portal and it is excellent, very easy and clear to understand.

I congratulate you with your new parent portal, it is very nice.

With best wishes


We are most appreciative and impressed with the professionalism of

Bright World Guardianship Services; and will not hesitate to highly recommend

it to all our friends.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth and Gary Cheah

Dear Hannah, I want to convey separate thanks to the driver from Access Cars. 3 of November Maria's plane  carried out an emergency landing in Copenhagen.  Flight was late at two o'clock. Many thanks to the driver who all the time informed me by phone on Maria's location. Kind regards, Natalia Komarova

Dear Sheena,

Just a quick email to thank you for all of your support

throughout the process of getting a decent school for Dick.

Myself and Dick's parents are so grateful for your support,

It was a long journey and at many times I thought it was over,

but I'm glad we have done it, and honestly it would have

been far more difficult without your support and patience.

Many thanks!


Dear Natalie,

I’m so glad that you have settled the host families so quickly. It’s very nice for this arrangement. Thank you very much!

Kind Rgds!

Luo Fang

May I take this opportunity to thank you Natalie, for the efficient and caring service that Bright World has extended to our son Vin Cheah.

He is doing  well in Ardingly college, and I believe Bright World Guardianship Services has given him a good headstart in settling well in England.

Thank you again for your kind consideration,

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth and Gary Cheah

Dear Natalie

As ever - uber efficient!  Dates and times are correct.

Many thanks

Nick Bunday

Dear Judith

Thank you for your email.I have seen your report about Pengfei.I have been looking forward to comprehensive and objective understanding of Pengfei.You've given me so much help. Thanks a lot.

Best wishes

Mingyan Chen

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for your email and kind words. We've worked with many guardianship agencies, but it's obvious that yours is one of the best. We appreciate your hard work and accuracy in every question!

Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Anastasiya Kulikova

Dear Ms Tammy Lindsay,

I have finally successfully logged in the portal with your instruction and learnt a lot more about my daughter and your team. I'm very grateful for your work and care for Esta, Thank you very much!

I was greatly impressed by her teachers' comments on her schoolwork and her personal discipline.I'm proud of Esta and proud of her staying in such a nice school,

being taken care of by such an excellent team in Brightworld.

I wish I could have logged in earlier! Thank you again,dear Tammy!

 Could you please, at your convenience, give my regards to her teachers for their help?

Kind regards,

William Qi   

Dear Charlotte

You are welcome!

I am happy to recommend Bright World  because you do wonderful job!   You are fast and efficient! 

I do not need to look for any other guardianship partner!

Thank YOU!!

Kind regards

I am so pleased to your service in the past one year to my son . I will introduce to my friends in China that Brightworld is one of the best guardian company in UK .

Tammy ,thank you so much for what have done for Lixing !

I like the Blink portal very much and it is a wonderful way to keep in touch and to see photographs of her son.

Bright World’s communication is excellent. They are second to none at sending details of transfers/flights etc and we really value the fact that they send us details of host families prior to students being collected. Bright World are the most efficient guardians that they deal with.

Dear Lana

Greeting from Wendy,Trust my email finds you well.

Our sixteen students have got the guardianship with Bright world.It is a wonderful beginning.I believe that our students like your guardian very much!I also believe that we will have a good future and relationship in the future,and we will try our best to support Bright world in the Chinese market.

Dear Lana,Would you like to help us with the commission?Please refer to the attachment,If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

kind regards


"I have to say that the service you and Bright World provide is the best guardianship service I have known in my 15 years in boarding, so thank you very much from myself (and my team) and on behalf of the pupils. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Best, John"

“Dear Ms Hamson,

Thank you for your kind email.

We have been more than happy with the Bright World guardianship services.

Bridget was a lovely " Buddy" to Vin Chean”

Dear Claire

I would like to say Thank you to Bright World team for high quality service! We are happy to have Bright World as our guardianship services provider!

With Best Regards Adilya

Dear Lana,

How’s everything going?

 I’m Michelle’s mother, Donna. I’m glad to meet you and Bright World. Now Michelle has been in UK for two years. It’s you and Bright World that take care of her everything there. I’d like to say thank you very much to you, Alexandra, Cory and Claire, and all kind staffs in Bright World.

Dear Carol

You have done a good job in such short notice.

Thank you so much for your effort.

With best wishes


Dear Claire,

Many thanks for your reply. Yes, we have enjoyed your good service for all these years during Melody's schooling with Roedean.  We surely would recommend your service to any of our friends who would send their children to the UK for further studying.  

In fact, I introduced one 2 years ago and she has completed her studying at Roedean and returned back HK now.

 My kind regards,


Dear Claire,

 I can not thank you enough for all your kind help for us! I am deeply impressed! I also wish you have a great day!

With best regards,


Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much for your help! Once again you are proving your professionalism!

 Best regards,

Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much for the confirmation you have sent for Liza.

It is a real pleasure to work in cooperation with you. I know that I always can rely on you!

I wish you lovely and sunny weekends!


Best regards,

Dear Lana, (And to all Brightworld team),

Thank you so much for all your help and support and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our collaboration!


Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much for your kind all managements and arrangements for Hataipat.

Thank you very much for your kindness:)

Hataipat and her parents have been very happy with Bright World's service and we are also more than happy to working with you again if there is a new student:)

Take good care and all the best,

' Thank you to the agency, and special thanks to Claire Ferris for her many arrangements regarding Mia's care on our behalf. Mia is repatriating to Australia for the remainder of her secondary education, but the experience at Roedean School has been so utterly fantastic that is sure to return to the UK for tertiary .' 

'Greetings! Firstly thank you for your excellent guardianship services to our students. Parents are very happy with your work.'

Christie Ho

Dear Claire, Bryan's last term with Epsom college will end this June. l would like to take this time to express my gratitute to you for taking Bryan into your good hands. Erica Pui

Dear Fiona

Hope you also had a very joyous celebration and a big rest during past holidays. Wish you good health loads of happiness and prosperity in your carrier for throughout year 2013. I really appreciate your work and am also grateful to all your prompt actions toward all my past requests . You have cleared away my worries and concerns everytimes I had. Moreover You also managed impressive present to my daughter's birthday.

Best regards

Achara j

Dear everyone from Bright World in the picture

Thank you very much for your wonderful cristmas card and greetings !

Thanks for the smil faces in the picture from which I feel happy and believe you are happy for your work and life!

 Wish you a lovely holiday and a Happy 2013


Dear Brightworld team!

Dear Carol, Cory, Lana, Tammy and all would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 New Year!

 I also would like to thank you for your support. I am very much impressed how efficient you work, never fogetting the transfers. It is a real pleasure to work with you!

With best wishes

Ludmila and Language Collection Team

 Message from one of our parents:  Cory has helped us so much and been so supportive - she wanted me to thank him specially from her for all his help.

 "I really want to thank Everyone at Bright World for taking such good care of our students. You are all so supportive and you never forget anything. Your service is amazing!!".  Tammy is amazing!

Bright World is a caring and very efficient Guardianship Organisation. It is particularly strong on ensuring that children settle in well on their first experience in overseas education. Its choice of host families is carried out in a careful and caring way to ensure a good experience for children.

Read more about Brightworld UK guardianship program.

Dear Fiona Mei Kei is back with us for the summer holidays and each time i see her , I remember how kind you have been to us.  Hope you are enjoying your summer break too. It will be nice to hear from you . Happy holidays!YIn Lai

Dear Claire, Thank you very much for your help during the year. Really helpful for us and we are happy to continue the collaboration with your company. We appreciate a lot the quality of your services.

Kind regards,

 “Dear Claire, We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the guidance and caring Bright World extended to Regine so far that making her boarding and adaption in such a smooth manner.”

I would like to tell you that you have created a great Guardianship service and your team is perfect.

The Bright World is the best Guardianship company in the UK


Dear Cory We would like to thank you for the perfect (!!) services you provided Nicolas. It was always a pleasure to work with you.  All the best ! Sincerely Felix Schmid (father of Nicolas)
“We have had several lovely international girls join our school via Bright World in recent years. These girls are now thriving at the school and thoroughly enjoying their studies. We feel that Brightworld has really made an effort to understand the unique nature of our school and the education we offer, and therefore the pupils who have been recommended to us have been an excellent ‘fit’. We regard Brightworld as one of the best agents we work with.”
Many thanks for all the work you do in support of Mount boarders; I have appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail always shown by Bright World staff – and I know how much it is valued by the girls. My best wishes to you all for a peaceful and happy Easter,

Nicola Pentelow,

The Mount School, York

Dear Lana!!! Our congratulations to you with your new office! We are so happy for you and you are very professional  company and you have fantastic team !! Have a good day!!  Warm regards,Victoria Beyker,Kanzler Education abroad Agency

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your great help and support with regards to Misa's student visa application and other arrangements. 

We really appreciate your kind efforts. Mr. and Mrs. Narazaki are sending their best regards to all.

Have a lovely week everyone!

With best wishes from Tokyo, 

Jennifer Pasno

Nagae Kato Education Institute 

From all my experience and dealings with Guardianship companies, I have to say that I find Bright World to be the best and most professional Guardianship company that I have worked with. 
Dear James, It has been wonderful that Bright World taken care of Zoe during her stay with Ardingly.

Thank you for your loving cares and supports in the last years. 

Best regards

Patrick Yeung

Hello, FionaLuiza and I want to say thank you for what you have selected for our children very hospitable family. The children really enjoyed from the weekend they spent with the host family. Our kids liked it so much that they did not want to leave this family.With best wishes Enza and Luiza

Dear James, 

I must say how impressed I am with the seamless running of your organization, this bodes well for the future. 


I would like to thank you and your team for the great job that you are doing with our students that starting studying in the UK!  Both we and the parents are very pleased :)

I have been very impressed with the service and efficiency of Bright World this year, BE do use other guardianship companies but I find your systems/approach to student welfare second to none.

On behalf of the family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank for Bright World, especially your support throughout last couple of months to make Regine's boarding life arrangement much smoother and easier for us. 

Your support and kind advice always offering us a helpful hand and even though we are not around with Regine and we are confidence that she is being take care by you and the host family. Again, thank you very much and our best wishes to Brigh tWorld and your team. Kind regards,Joyce 
Dear Jane, Thank you very much for the email. I would like to personally thank you on behalf of myself and my wife for looking after Malaka and Sarah during the last several years. Your prompt assistance always has been much appreciated. With my best regards Hilmy
It has been our great pleasure to have Bright World acting as the guardian for Kenneth in the past 5 years. I appreciate it very much for your professional services. We feel much relaxed having you all taking care of our boy. Time flies, and it will soon be turning intothe final year of Kenneth's academic in the Secondary schooling.  We have no hesitation to renew the guardianship contract.
Dear Fiona Thank you for all you have done, you have an outstanding service
Dear Fiona,  We appreciate your help and the outstanding service of Brightworld.Thank you.Zheng Ping, father of John Xue
Dear Mrs.Walters, Our daughter Katharina Grub spent her half term holidays with one of your host families in Kent. I would like to give you a short feedback.Katharina enjoyed her stay very much. She felt warmly welcomed in her host family. Your wonderful host family showed an extremely high effort in taking care of her guests and came up with a superb "holiday programme", an excellently balanced mixture of sporting and cultural activities. I don´t take it for granted and appreciate her commitment very much. My expectations have been highly exceeded and I would like to thank you all for taking care of Katharina so well  I can only recommend Bright World as a guardian and your host family as a host mother. Kind regardsAngelika Grub
Dear Carol, Crystal has arrived safely at school with your assistance.  Thanks so much for your help and we feel very comfortable with your  Guardian service.  Best Regards. Eddie
Dear Mrs Jenny Binfield and the Bright World Guardianships Team  Derek told me that he had a wonderful half term holiday with you as his host family and he had the good experience of  visiting  the zoo and a castle. Jenny  thank  you for your kindness and good patience. Best wishes Hamilton Wong
Hi Lana and the Bright World Guardianships Team  Just to let you know that Eugenia's parents are very pleased with the family you chose and Mr Losada likes the efficiency of Bright World. 

Thank you,


Dear Bright World  I am so happy for this outstanding performance by Bright World Guardianships and Ultimate Kent Visas. In just few days, you people delivered a success student visa application. This is simply beautiful and one of its kind Lana, I am not surprised at this because having recognised you as a top performer, I was sure that you could not have recommended a poor performer. Hurray. Long Live Bright World. Long Live Ultimate Kent Visas.  To God be the Glory. Amen Regards,Monday
I whole-heartedly believe that without your dedicated efforts and good recommendations, we can never make it - Sheena, no words can express our gratitude to you!!  With warmest regards,Estella    
To the Bright World Guardianships Team  I’m happy you have many students and even some from Kanzler this year.  We  really like quality of services you offer as well as our clients so many thanks for  all you do!!! Best regards , Victoria Kanzler Education, Russia
'We have a very successful experience of cooperation with you, we would be happy to work with you this time'. 

Olga Krivileva

Thank you very much for the high quality of guardianship from Bright World. My wife and I have no need to worry about Carlotta. It was lucky to meet Lana. Because of her introduction, Carlotta could joined a good school in UK. Specially thanks to Sheena’s family. Sheena, Michael and Hollie are very nice people. They are just like the family members of Carlotta in UK and they are always be our good friends. Thanks to Jackie, she the one who took our job to see the school. Thank you, Jane! Thank you for your patient and your excellent communication with us.  This is the time to say goodbye! My whole family would like to take this opportunity to say one more “THANK YOU” to all the members in BRIGHTWORLD.  Wish you all the best with kind regards,Raymond, Bella and Carlotta

I want to thank you for the extraordinary job you have done with my daughters. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for Fabiola and her familyYou have been really helpful to themI hope to keep in touch with you  It has been a pleasure to work with youKindest RegardsMarisa Palomares

Lana was my guardian for 4 years. She helped me all the way through my school life not only with lovely host families but also with my academic study advice. I am now at university and Lana is no longer my official guardian. We still keep in touch though and I know that she is always there to help me if I need her.

Read more about UK boarding School placement and how Bright World can help you find the right place at a UK boarding school.

Bright World helped me to settle quickly into school life. They are really friendly and always helped me to sort out the small issues I had when I first arrived. I felt lucky compared to other people at the school.

Read more about our range of care services for UK guardianship for international student.

I have always been very impressed with the excellent service that I have received from Bright World Guardianships. I never have had to worry unnecessarily about my son’s safety in England and any queries I have had are answered quickly. Nabeel really enjoys his half term holidays with his host family.