Who is meeting your child at the airport?

Who is meeting your child at the airport?

When travelling overseas, getting a handle on the local transport system can be a hard and sometimes arduous task. Knowing where to go, how to get there and what to look for can seem quite overwhelming. The challenge steepens dramatically when a child is the traveller as it is therefore not necessarily safe for them to travel alone using public transport.

When you are applying and securing a place for your child at an Independent UK Boarding School, safe transportation is quite understandably not always at the top of the list of things to arrange; but when considered, the driver is actually the first person to meet your child when they arrive in the UK and therefore a trusted driver is in our minds a must. We truly believe that a friendly, familiar face at the airport can be a relief and make for an enjoyable arrival into the UK. As a reliable UK guardianship organisation we have strict policies and rules surrounding the arrangement of transport for our students and the recruitment of drivers. We also want to keep you in the know.

So who will be meeting your child at the airport?

  • A driver who is known to us and of whom you will have received a full colour profile for. The profile will include their mobile number and colour photo. The profile will be sent to you via email, ahead of the journey but will also be accessible to you anytime within our portal, Blink.

  • A driver who has undergone an individual enhanced DBS (Criminal Record Check) and who has signed and agreed to our Transfer Company Charter.

  • A driver who has knowledge of the UK airport terminals and is accustomed to driving international students

  • A driver with a valid UK driving licence

  • A driver who is directly accredited with the LTDA (The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association)

This year, to enhance our ongoing commitment to protecting children within our care, we are now also asking ALL our drivers to complete Level 1 Child Protection & Safeguarding Awareness training by SAFE (Safeguarding Associates for Excellence.) 

Read more about how we recruit our drivers ask a member our our team for a copy of our new Parent Guide and contact us for more information.

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