UCAS applications for UK university - timings

We are often asked about timings relating to undergraduate entry for UK university students.  Here is a timeline showing what students should do when.  In this case we are talking about university entry for 2011. 

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 UCAS university application timeline


June 2010 onwards - prepare prepare prepare
Students should start practising their online application, research their course choices, visit as many universities as they can - take advantage of University open Days.  Bright World can help you to make appointments for Open days at your chosen university.  
It is during this time that they need to get a reference from their Tutor at their school in the UK or in their home country.  
Books and guides - applicants can find books giving information and guidance on higher education online at the UCAS bookstore www.ucasbooks.com, elsewhere on the web or at libraries.
15 October 2010 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for all medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and veterinary science courses  and for all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
15th January 2011  - UCAS submission deadline
Your UCAS application should be submitted online with personal statement and references in tact.  Students can apply to up to 6 universities but usually opt for three at this point.
If a student is applying from outside the UK or EU, whatever their nationality, they need to be aware of the three application deadlines but many universities and colleges will consider their application up until 30 June 2010. This does not apply to applications for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, courses in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary science. For all of these, they must apply by 15 October 2009.

Universities and colleges do not guarantee to consider applications they receive after 15 January 2010, and some popular courses may not have vacancies after that date. Please advise your students to check with individual universities and colleges if they are not sure. They should apply as early as possible.

We remind studnets that they must allow enough time for entry clearance or immigration; also travel and accommodation arrangements, which can take longer during the summer when immigration departments are busy.

24th February 2011  - UCAS extra is available.   If an applicant has used all their five choices and been unsuccessful at all of them, or declined any offers received, Extra gives them the opportunity to have an additional choice through UCAS.
24 March 2010 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for art and design courses except those listed with a 15 January deadline. 
31st March 2011 - Deadline for receipt of offers from universities 
5th May 2011 - Final possible deadline for confirming firm and insurance decisions.  
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