Train, train, train…we want all our customers to have a First Class experience

Train, train train…we want all our customers to have a First Class experience

Q:  What makes a company successful?

A:  A great product that delivers what they promise and professional, efficient and motivated employees. 

It really is as simple as that and we believe that Bright World is successful.  Our customers tell us so, though what we offer does not just happen.  We believe the key to our success lies in the people who work for us and the investment that we put in them in terms of training.  

Preparations are running full speed ahead for our company Policies and Procedures Review Meeting next month.  As we get ready to review the internal workings of Bright World at this annual event, we begin to reflect on how far we have come since the birth of Bright World in 2000 when not a policy was in sight… 

It really is all about training and as we grow as a company we are lucky enough to have the time and resource to offer training to all our staff. Whether it’s safeguarding and child protection, operational, or customer service-related, we believe that training helps us to uphold our first class service to agent’s parents and students alike.

Every day at Bright World is a training course of sorts as our Guardianship Care Team is faced with the daily demands of what it means to be a member of such a customer-focused organisation.  With the safeguarding of children becoming more and more of a national priority, Bright World does all it can to keep up with new guidance and pass this onto our staff.  

As the years pass us by, we experience and overcome more and more scenarios and learn how to react quickly to last minute changes and how to keep things on track.

Safeguarding and Child Protection is the top of our agenda 

Everyone who works for or with Bright World is offered awareness training at the very least. All of our employees receive professional Child Protection Training to the highest level with the help of Safe, a UK based safeguarding and child protection charity.  Training is refreshed regularly.  This shows real commitment to making our staff as knowledgeable as possible and to know what do do in any situation.  

All Head Office staff have been trained to a specialist level as we uphold and deliver our commitment to safeguarding and protecting the international students under our care. Our Director of Safeguarding, Claire Taylor, has been working closely with Sussex Police Prevent to ensure that we are well up to date on the latest issues that we face as a sector. We are especially excited to be welcoming Peter Dommet, Lead Inspector of Prevent for Sussex Police to our annual Company Conference later on this year along with a Representative of Barnardo's Children’s Charity.

Claire will also be attending The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Designated Safeguarding Officer Training.

It’s all about the customer 

To consolidate and to pass on her knowledge, our Managing Director has put her 27 years of industry experience into an intense course of training modules which train and retrain staff in the art of customer service for guardianship parents and agents.

Module 1 -The Bright World Promise drives home the fast response that has set apart our first class programme. All staff are taught how important it is for us to reply to our customers on the same day. Staff are taught how to write and word emails thoughtfully and to treat our clients as equals and with empathy and honesty.

Module 2 – Who are our customers? What are they like?  Ensures that our employees are well informed as to who they are talking to and can therefore better understand the needs of their clients.

Module 3 – Managing Expectations talks about expectations vs reality and guides our staff on the importance of monitoring expectations and how to exceed them. Finally, Modules 4 and 5 teaches our employees how to let our customers know when there is a problem in a constructive way and also how to tell parents that we are not able to fulfil a particular request in a polite way – not always easy.  

...and there is a rumour going around that Lana will attending English UK’s ‘How to manage difficult people,’ course …Oh the irony of it.


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