Relax and Revise

Relax and Revise

Is it more beneficial for students to relax or to revise during the holidays? 

We all know that a good revision plan is key to exam success, but finding the balance between work and play can be a real struggle for some students. Too much relaxation and pupils run the risk of wasting valuable study time. Too much revision and students can become stressed and unhealthy, ultimately affecting exam results. In the end it’s all about smart studying and giving your brain time to recover from an intense study session. The best way to do this is with regular breaks and of course, fun and engaging activities.

Knowing this, Bright World has created a bespoke half term and Easter holiday programme for international students needing somewhere to stay during their school holidays.

Stay Academy in Willesden, London

Relax & Revise has been carefully designed to match the needs and musts of international students aged 12 and above who want to spend the school holidays with their school friends in touching distance from the city's most famous landmarks and attractions. This new alternative to homestay aims to help students find that healthy balance between relaxing and revising, making all activies optional so that students can feel rested when they return back to school.

Students applying to Relax & Revise do not have to be enrolled onto Bright World’s guardianship programme.

Bright World has hand-picked  the Stay Academy for the venue’s modern, cutting-edge look and the incredible rooftop where students can relax when the sun shines. A large cafe-style recreation area and restaurant is also available to all students and the excellent well-equipped learning zone is available during revision time. Situated in the vibrant capital city of London, this British Council accredited centre offers a safe and secure environment that is within easy reach of London's main sights and attractions - just 8 minutes from Westfield Shopping Centre, 15 minutes from Wembley stadium and 30 minutes from Oxford Street, China Town and The Natural History & Science Museums. The international airports of London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City are also nearby.

Stay Academy in Willesden, London

Personalised Study & Revision plan

At the beginning of the course we will compile a study & revision plan based on the student’s individual goals and the homework given to us by their School.  This will be presented during a one to one tutor session during day 1.

Chill out zone

With all the hard work that goes on during term-time, it is vital that our students have a chance to relax, so that they can return to school refocused and ready for the busy term ahead. There is a ‘chill out zone’ where students can socialise and relax between meals and activities.


Students will have two excursions per week allowing for a perfect mix of recreation and culture. Whether it’s shopping on Oxford Street or Madame Tussauds we have got it covered! 

Food glorious food

Teenagers are always hungry and when doing so many activities it is so important that they feel well looked after in terms of meals. That is why at both centres, food is a highlight of the course. Three hot meals are served every day by a Chef onsite.

How to book...

If you would like to book a place on Relax & Revise; please contact 

If you would like more information the please feel free to give us a call on 01273 835745. Read our brochure for further information including dates and fees:



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