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Henry Cope worked at Bright World during his easter holiday break from University in order to assist Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson.

Henry is a first year pupil at Newcastle University, a leading UK University where Bright World (in partnership with INTO) can offer placement for international students. Here Henry elaborates on this and has kindly written some words about his personal experience at Newcastle.


About INTO

In simple terms, INTO was set up to support and prepare international students (50,000 students from 166 countries have been enrolled since 2007) for university (19 partnered universities) right from the beginning as an undergraduate to Masters Programmes, by offering a variety and range of foundation and English courses. Many of these courses are undertaken in INTO buildings in the heart of the campus, allowing the perspective students to get a good indication of the atmosphere of their respective institution. Having completed their respective course(s), INTO’s partnership with its institutions allows the students to be placed into their chosen university and degree course. From this partnership, many of the universities are able to gain vital funds which can be spent on continually improving the facilities and success of courses provided by the institution and improving its reputation making it more appealing to future international students. Bright world has a strong partnership with INTO by placing some of our students with INTO who then go on to assist and support these students in university placement, forming a very effective and successful team benefiting our students hugely.


Newcastle University

I am currently in my first year studying Business Management BA Honours at Newcastle University having completed my 5 years at Tonbridge School in Kent. The University itself has a very strong connection with INTO situated in the award winning £56m building in the heart of campus allowing many of the students to get a valuable feel for the atmosphere and facilities of the university. It offers around 150-200 undergraduate courses and a further equivalent for postgraduate degrees, supported with respective research schools for the broader sectors including a brand new Business School and a Medical school which backs onto the hospital. The University is situated at the northern end of the city, with just a mere 2 minute walk to the main high street of the city, offering students an abundance of shops and places to eat, and is only a 15 minute walk to the well known quayside on the banks of the river Tyne. The city is very student friendly with low living costs and a very vibrant atmosphere as the city continues to prosper. Whether you fancy a trip to the beach, a drink with friends or even an afternoons shopping at one of the 2 largest shopping centres in the UK, Newcastle has it all!   



For further information, or if you are interested in learning more about placement and uk guardianship, please get in touch with Sales & Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hamson, call 01273 835745, visit our website.


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