An unforgettable experience for Taiwanese exchange pupils

Taiwan Collage.jpg

Bright World recently visited with Bethany School, Cranbrook, Kent & was very impressed with all the latest developments that the school had to offer. We met with both headmaster Francis Healy & registrar Sally Martorell.

We discussed the changes within our guardianship department and to hear their updates so that we are fully informed when advising parents and placing students on behalf of our overseas Partners. Sally was especially keen to learn more about our accreditation with TravelSafe and enquired about the stringent regulations we set out for all our Host Families. 

Seven of our Bethany pupils hosted Taiwanese pupils from Bailing Senior High school and Lishan High School. The visiting pupils took part in a wide array of activities and trips, including visits to London, Leeds Castle, the coast and Canterbury, taking in the sights, smells and food that were on offer!

The aim was to provide them with a very British experience during their ten days here. The feedback from the pupils has been very positive and they have all learnt a lot from this experience. The seven Bethany pupils will be able to experience the Taiwanese way of life when roles are reversed in October and our visitors become the hosts. October seems far away, but already the pupils are very excited about the trip

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