An 'Inspiring Future' for Padworth and Bishopstrow Colleges

We have recently heard the exciting news that Inspiring Futures Ltd, the owners of Bishopstrow College, recently completed the acquisition of Padworth College in Berkshire. As Bright World has worked with both colleges for many years, we wasted no time in offering our congratulations and making a visit to Padworth this week. Cory Holden, our Admissions Manager, and Lana Foster, Managing Director, really enjoyed their day. 

Picture: Mark Jeynes, Proprietor with Lana Foster (centre) and Marzia Di Bella-Negi, Head of Marketing and Admissions

Bright World has had a great partnership with Bishopstrow College and Padworth College for several years, both in placing students and offering a guardianship service to their students.

Bishopstrow is an international boarding school offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry into top boarding schools. It is a great stepping stone for any student wishing to make the transition from their education system to a UK boarding school, in that it prepares them linguistically whilst helping them to adapt to living within a UK boarding school environment.  

Padworth College compliments the courses offered by Bishopstrow and we learnt during our visit that it will continue to operate as an independent college, offering a Year 9 curriculum, I/GCSEs, A Levels and the Business Foundation course. There are also many improvements planned for the college including more sports faciliitites and a general upgrade of the already comfortable living and study areas.  

Padworth College and Bishopstrow College are really well aligned because although they operate different programmes, they share the same educational philiospophy.

  • Class sizes are small for optimum learning and to encourage student-teacher interaction.
  • An individual learning programme is devised for each individual student.
  • The international student body, with more than 20 nationalities represented, celebrates cultural diversity.
  • Boarding has a strong focus on pastoral care and student welfare, ensuring a balance of academic study, alongside recreational and social activities.
  • The challenging and in-depth programme of study ensures students are prepared for entry to top universities.

We also know that both colleges are committed to safeguarding the children under their care. We are always welcomed as guardians at both colleges and we think they really appreciate the extra support that we offer to Bright World Guardianship students at both Padworth College and Bishopstrow College. 

Commenting on this new and exciting acquisition and transaction, Charlie Freer and Mark Jeynes, Directors of Inspiring Futures Ltd said: 

“Padworth College shares the educational philosophy that is in place at Bishopstrow College and complements Bishopstrow College’s focus on offering pathway programmes to prepare international students for boarding schools. We are excited by the opportunities to develop Padworth College, as an independent college, offering academic pathway programmes to prepare international and British students for entry into top universities.”

To show that, as well as the serious business of student studies and guardianship, there is always time for a bit of fun- we even had time for a quick game of Netball while we were there! 

If you want more information about Padworth College or Bishopstrow College, or you need help to find a place there, then Bright World can do so free of charge. Please email us for more information.  

Bright World has been guardian to many students at Padworth College and Bishopstrow College and has great host families in both Berkshire and Wiltshire. For more information on how to apply for guardianship contact us today.  

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