Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a 'guardian'?

An adult or company in the UK who is appointed by a parent to be their representative while their child studies here. 

Is it a legal requirement in the UK to have a UK education guardian if a parent is not living here? 

No, there is no UK law that relates to international students at UK boarding schools. However, Tier 4 Visa rules state that the child must have a guardian and most UK Boarding Schools insist upon it.

Where does Bright World offer guardianship?

Will my Bright World guardian be my child's legal guardian?

No. A legal guardian is appointed by a court of law when a child does not have a parent. An Education Guardian is something quite different. 

Can you provide a UK host family?

An important part of our job is to find a host family for your child during holiday times when they have to leave school. Our host families are all very carefully chosen, regularly visited and police checked. Once we have selected a family to match your child's needs, we will send a full colour profile of the family to you. 

Will you select a host family before we apply? 

We always make sure that we have a choice of families before we accept a student, but we only secure a family once a client has paid. 

Can I meet my child's host family?

Yes, we actively encourage overseas parents to meet the host family before their child stays there. This does, however take quite a lot of planning and work on behalf of the Bright World Guardianship Care Manager, so to avoid disappointment please give us at least two weeks’ notice.

How far is the host family from school?

Our policy is to aim for no further than 30 minutes' drive or 30 miles. We do not always achieve this but if we struggle, we will speak to our customers first. 

How will my child get to and from the host family?

They will collect them and drop them back to school.

Will it be the same host family every time?

This is the ideal and usual scenario, but sometimes students request to be moved. Sometimes Host Families can let us down and become unavailable to host. In this case, we will find the child a new host family. 

Are there other options if I dont want my child to go to a host family?

Yes, our Relax and Revise programme for half terms and Easter holidays is an excellent alternative. Click here for more information. 

Who will meet my child at the airport?

As your guardianship company, we will make sure that your child gets picked up safely by one of our drivers on arrival in the UK. You will be sent a full colour profile of your driver 48-72 hours after you have requested the journey. We check our drivers licences for you and make sure they have an ENHANCED Criminal Record (DBS) Check. Driving a taxi in the UK does require a proper licence and Criminal Record Checks but we feel this requires careful checking by us to ensure safety. Some parents prefer to use the schools transport and students can travel by train if they are aged 16 years or over.

What is included in the Guardianship Programme?

Our UK Guardianship programme includes:

  • Assistance with application to school or college and the care and support of our Head Office team
  • Safe transfer of student to and from airport with a Bright World driver. You will receive a full-colour profile of your            driver 48-72 hours after you have requested the journey. 
  • Safe arrival notification and arrival report to parents including initial academic and welfare information
  • 24 hour emergency telephone assistance
  • Two visits per year from your Bright World Buddy followed by a full academic and welfare report
  • Assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements for visiting parents
  • Ongoing day to day liaison between the school, the student and the parents
  • The provision of an excellent, hand-picked, host family fully checked out by the discerning Bright World Team.

    Does Bright World offer different levels of guardianship to children?

    At Bright World we only offer one level of care to all children, because guardianship is like an insurance policy and when the unforeseen happens we believe that all deserve the same level of care and therefore could never prioritise one child over another just because they paid for a lower/higher level of care.

    Most of what we do involves working closely with boarding schools to assist with safeguarding concerns, suspensions and emergency situations which cannot be foreseen. We can however reduce our £500 termly expenses fee if you do not require use of our transport or host family services. Reductions can be arranged upon application. Our fees sheet clearly lays out all our costs and inclusions, so there is no hidden registration fee and no extra add on costs for you. 

    Is there a registration fee?

    Our fees sheet clearly lays out all our costs and inclusions, so there is no hidden registration fee and no extra add on costs for you. 

Do you offer any extra services?

Additional guardianship services can be made available at an extra charge. These may include:

  • Arrangement of parent and host family meetings
  • Our Airport Service – we can arrange for your child to be collected from the aircraft and escorted through customs          upon arrival, or escorted to the aircraft on return.
  • Arrangement of language courses in the UK during holidays
  • Chinese and Russian Language Counselling Services
  • Attendance at parents’ evenings and school events when not included in your 2 visits per year

What is the cost of your UK Guardianship Programme?

Termly service fees for guardianship are £620 per term including VAT. This includes all of our services and two visits to see your child in the first term. We usually ask for an expenses fund of £500 per term to cover homestay and travel which is fully refundable if not spent. 

Do you have a cheaper 'in emergencies only' programme?

We feel that our fees are reasonable at £620 per term. We do not offer cheap guardianship; we offer the best that money can buy as we believe that this is what all children deserve. 

Is the Bright World UK Guardianship Programme accredited?

Unlike many other guardianship organisations, we are fully accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). This means our practices and processes have been thoroughly inspected and audited by this important organisation and we can therefore guarantee that we will act in your child’s best interest at all times. We are also the first UK guardianship organisation to hold a recognised partnership with Child Safe. AEGIS re-inspects Guardianship Organisations every four years and we have just had our 2017 re-inspection. We are very proud of the results and of the report. Please click here to view a Summary of the Report.  

Take a look at our 'Guardianships Uncovered' video for more more information.

Frequently Asked Guardianship Questions

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