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Bright World provides a wide selection of school holiday courses at a range of UK Boarding Schools, Colleges and Centres across the United Kingdom. Our summer language study courses and activity programmes for adults and juniors have been carefully selected for their high quality services and residential accommodation. Our unique Relax & Revise half term and Easter programme incorporates studying, shopping and excursions and is a new alternative to traditional host family stay.

Our unique programme, operated by Cambridge Melchior College

Bright World has created a bespoke half term and Easter holiday programme for international students needing somewhere to stay during their school holidays.

Relax & Revise has been carefully designed to match the needs and musts of international students aged 12 and above who want to spend the school holidays with their school friends in touching distance from the city's most famous landmarks and attractions. This new alternative to homestay aims to help students find that healthy balance between relaxing and revising. We make all activies optional, so that students can feel rested when they return back to school.

Students applying to Relax & Revise do not have to be enrolled onto Bright World’s guardianship programme.  All are welcome. 

High Standards of Care and Safety

Bright World Guardianships has teamed up with Cambridge Melchior College (CMC), to create a unique residential programme, specifically tailored to international UK boarding school students. Bright World has handpicked CMC for their experience and impeccable safety standards, as well as the ideal residential campus they can offer.

UK Boarding Schools close for between 9-16 nights between February and May, and for two or three weeks between the Spring and Summer terms at Easter. Some students choose to make the long journey home but others want to stay in the UK. Not all students want to go down the traditional route of staying with a 
host family and sometimes their guardians are not available to host them for all half terms. Others want to spend holidays with their friends and host families cannot always accommodate such large numbers. By matching the boarding school half term and easter dates perfectly, parents, schools and agents alike can now look forward to a stress-free school break and all for a similar cost to the traditional solution, ‘a host family.’

Superb location in CAMBRIDGE

The Cambridge Melchior College campus is located at Willingham House, set in beautiful landscaped gardens. The campus offers high quality teaching and residential facilities, providing an ideal, spacious and safe location for study and recreation. Willingham has a wide range of facilities including a library, Post Office, shops, cafes, tea rooms, doctor’s surgery and sports facilities. There are fast and reliable transport links to Cambridge, London and beyond.

Residential supervision

The college is proud of its high quality residential accommodation, which offers students well appointed shared rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. The spacious rooms at the campus are refurbished, homely, calm and welcoming with windows overlooking the garden, offering a great place to rejuvenate after working hard all term at boarding school.

All students are supervised throughout their stay by an experienced team of managers, teachers, pastoral staff and residential supervisors. During the day, students are supported by teaching and/or activity staff. During the evenings, supervision will be carried out by the residential management staff..

Academic study all year round

When not looking after the Bright World Relax & Revise students, the college offers a range of academic and language preparation and support programmes year round. This means that with a permanent academic staff team and contact with many part-time tutors, Bright World is able to offer 'Relax and Revise 1:1', whereby students are given individual subject tuition.

The Relax & Revise programme is supported by a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings. Many of these activities make use of the beautiful landscaped gardens on campus.

Relax & Revise 1:1

For those students who need assistance and support in a specific subject or subjects, then they can opt for Relax & Revise 1:1 at time of booking and benefit from 1:1 tuition from tutors qualified in a wide variety of subjects


When not relaxing or revising, students have the opportunity of joining the group for exciting afternoon excursions. Entrance fees are not included in the programme but prices are available on request. Please click the brochure at the bottom of the page to find a full list of excursions. 

Food glorious food

The college caters for all dietary needs. Students eat together in the dining room or in the gardens when the weather allows. On excursions, a packed lunch is provided.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the centre

Free Wi-Fi is available in all bedrooms, classrooms and gardens.

How to book...

If you would like to book a place on Relax & Revise; please contact: 

If you would like more information the please feel free to give us a call on 01273 835745. You can also find our Relax and Revise brochure in English below.

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