Old Swinford Hospital

Old Swinford Hospital Boys Boarding School West Midlands

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Boys UK Boarding School in the West Midlands

Old Swinford Hospital (OSH) is a happy, vibrant and very distinctive state boarding school where traditions and values sit comfortably alongside innovation.

In 1667, the industrialist Thomas Foley founded a school where boys develop the skills and attributes required to go out into the wider world and make a difference.

OSH is a Christian school and we are pleased to welcome children of any faith or, indeed, none at all.  We want the very best for all of them because we believe that they all have exciting potential and an important contribution to make.

Our message to all of our pupils: ‘Discover who you can be’

We understand and respond to the individual and collective needs of our pupils. We help each one to find and develop their own voice and we watch with pride as they grow in confidence and self-esteem. residential status within the UK.


Old Swinford Hospital Boys Boarding School West Midlands


OSH is situated in the West Midlands, right in the heart of England.  As a State boarding School parents opting to send their children to study at OSH pay only for boarding, not tuition, which is why its fees are significantly lower than boarding schools in the independent sector.  To be eligible for admission, all applicants (or their parents/legal guardian) must have full UK or EU/EEA , Swiss, Norwegian or Icelandic nationality or have other approved residential status within the UK.  Boys aged 11-18 can become borders at the School, and girls attend as Sixth Form Day Students.    

Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form provides a fantastic opportunity for our older pupils – both boys and girls – to flourish and develop on an academic and a personal level.

Our experienced team is fully committed to providing them with all the support they need, which is why we help them to reach and exceed expectations and to discover who they can be.

Whether they’re in the process of choosing their subjects, looking for guidance as they work through their courses or seeking advice about taking that next big step, we’re here for our pupils.

We provide a springboard for all our pupils, whatever the journey ahead. So whether they dream of Medicine at Oxford, Art Foundation, an internship or a gap year, we’ll be backing them every step of the way.

Our curriculum, co-curriculum, pastoral care and our expectations are all shaped with an eye on their point of departure, so that when they leave us, they are ready to make their impact in the wider world, having made friends for life.

Old Swinford Hospital Boys Boarding School West Midlands

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Old Swinford Hospital - Checklist

County: West Midlands
School Type: Boys
Age Range: 11-16
% of International students:: 11%
Journey from London by car: Approx 2.5 hours
Pre-academic English Course:: No
Total number of pupils at school: 617

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