British Boarding Schools; The Other Side of the Coin

British Boarding Schools; The Other Side of the Coin

According to The Independent Schools Council (ISC), in 2015 there were 47,385 non-British pupils studying at ISC member Schools, meaning that 1 in every 5 pupils travelled from overseas to study. With these figures still hot off the press, it seems an appropriate time to look the other side of the coin and find out why Britain needs and welcomes international students.

The lure of attending a UK boarding school is often due to the mad mix of history, ethos, sporting tradition and prestige. If that wasn’t enough, you get your own first class ticket to a leading university and endless career prospects. All this makes a UK boarding school education an attractive prospect for an international student looking to further their education in arguably the worlds’ most renowned education setting. However, flipping the coin, international students are equally attractive to UK boarding schools, colleges and universities themselves. Not only do they raise academic standards with their impressive work ethic, they bring much more to our scholarly table:

Raising our game
British schools want international students in their classrooms to help them to elevate their standards. International pupils continue to help us to raise our game, bringing with them strong work ethic, high intelligence, high grades and an enhanced learning experience for all.

Crucial for our economy
International students studying at London universities last year provided a £3 billion boost to the UK economy and helped support over 37,000 jobs. Overseas pupils are not only a credit in the classroom but they are invaluable to Britain’s economy. Education as an export contributes billions and helps to fuel key sectors, such as the STEM industry.

British students can benefit too from the presence of international pupils by learning first-hand about new cultures and in turn, enriching their lives.

Friends for life
In a digitally connected world that allows us to communicate with such ease across multiple time zones, it pays for British students to meet and work with international friends, students and future colleagues.

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What our partner schools are saying:

‘Within the boarding houses, international diversity is celebrated and shared. With this rich mix of people, students come to see themselves as global citizens who enjoy getting to understand different cultures.’ James Milne, Sidcot School

“With ease of travel, mixing of cultures and international working patterns there is no doubt that having friends from a wide variety of countries helps form global networks that will be of tremendous use to all our pupils in their future lives.” Kingswood School, Bath

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