Packing for the UK

Packing for the UK

As a Bright World student, you have been accepted into an excellent UK boarding school or university and you can’t wait to set off. All you can think about is the wonderful host family you’re going to stay with, the friends you’re going to make, the food you’re going to try and the places you’ll visit. However, there’s still one thing you that you have to do before you embark on your exciting UK adventure; pack your things.  

Packing can be a real struggle when you’re planning on leaving your home country for a long time. This is why it is always important to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to think of all the essentials before coming to study in the UK

It may seem like a daunting task, but not to worry; Bright World is on the case to fill your case! We’ve put our heads together and created a list of all the things that you will need to pack ahead of your journey.  

The Very, Very Important Bits 
If this isn’t your first time choosing Bright World as your UK guardian, you will undoubtedly already know all about our list of essentials. However, if this is your first time travelling away from home, we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you arrive with us happy and rearing to go!

You MUST remember to bring: 
-Your passport with your visa
-Your boarding pass

-A parental consent letter -This will say that your parents know that you have travelled to the UK to study.
- The telephone number of the person collecting you – You will be sent a confirmation of your transfer which will include your driver's profile, so you will know exactly who to look for at the airport.
-The name and address of your school
-The names of your housemaster/mistress and their contact details
-The name and contacts of your Bright World Buddy Your Bright World Buddy will be in contact with you as soon as you arrive in the UK.

Top Tip: You can see your host family profiles, Bright World Buddy profiles and driver profiles on our cloud-based portal, ‘Blink’. Both you and your parents can access the portal at any time for information and contact details.  
Some students arrive in the UK carrying a large amount of money so that it lasts them throughout the year. However, safeguarding is very important to us and we ask our students not to do this, as it is incredibly unsafe.

As a much safer alternative, some schools provide students with accounts for their pocket money. Ask your student advisors before coming to the UK whether this is an option for you. 


British weather can be very unpredictable, which is why we love to talk about it so much! One minute it can be sunny and hot and the next it could be wet and cold. We want our students to be comfortable and happy at all times, so please remember to bring a selection of clothing for different seasons and temperatures.

Top Tip: We recommend bringing a selection of jumpers or cardigans that you can throw over thinner layers; that way you can change just as frequently as the weather does!

A change of shoes is also very important. Whether you’re looking smart for school, playing sports or splashing through puddles, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully prepared for whatever your adventure throws at you.


ADAPTOR PLUG- Plugs in the UK may be of a different voltage and design to the ones that you have at home. If you do plan on bringing any electrical devices with you, it is very important that you bring an adapter plug to the UK. Any attempt to use a foreign plug on a UK socket is very dangerous and we don’t want any of our students getting a nasty shock during their time here! Ask your host family or houseparent for advice before using any plug sockets.

SIM CARD- The SIM card you currently use in your phone may not be contactable in the UK and this can ultimately be very dangerous. We want our students to be able to contact home and anyone in the UK at all times, so we recommend that you either purchase a UK SIM or an International SIM, which allows you to contact anyone anywhere in the world.

Please also make sure that your phone is fully charged while you are travelling and remember to tell the Bright World Team if you change your phone number!

Top Tip:
We know that international calls can be expensive, so if you have a compatible device, make sure that you and your family and friends from home install Skype. This allows you to chat for free and for as long as you like!

EXTRAS-Not all gadgets will be allowed at your place of study, so please remember to get in contact with your student advisors before you pack any. You should also bear in mind that electronic devices may increase the weight of your luggage, so only bring what you really need!

Top Tip: In order to protect any expensive devices on your travels, we recommend that you insure them against damage and theft.

There are very strict rules about importing food into the UK for health and safety reasons.  Before you pack any food, make sure that you check the rules and regulations or you could receive a large fine and that would certainly take away some of the journey’s excitement! Meats and dairy products are just some of the foods that are off limits and will be confiscated by airport security.
As a Bright World student, your school, Bright World Buddy and host family will already know about your medical requirements ahead of your arrival. However, due to health and safety reasons, many drugs are confiscated and destroyed at UK airports. With this in mind, we ask that if you have a medical condition that requires regular medication, you bring a doctor’s note stating why you are bringing medicine into the country.

As an extra note, please do not forget to bring any pairs of prescription glasses, removable braces or retainers and any accessories that you use to protect them. We also ask that you bring a copy of your prescription in case any of these items are lost or damaged during your time here.

Top Tip: Pack some of your medication/glasses in your hand luggage. This way if anything happens to your luggage while travelling, you will still have an essential supply of your medication before your suitcase is returned to you or you acquire some more.

We hope that you are just as excited to travel to the UK as we are to have you here! If you have any questions, or just need some advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your Guardianship Care Manager.

See you soon!

The Bright World Team


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