Feedback from our UK Guardianship Alumni

Feedback from our UK Guardianship Alumni

Every year we say goodbye to those of our students who have completed their A-Levels or similar examinations at a UK boarding school. Many of these students have been under our care for the entire duration of their school programme, which can sometimes be up to 8 years.

With first-hand experience of our guardian services and therefore a unique understanding of how and why guardianship is such a necessity to the UK study experience, we concluded that it is these young people, who truly know our guardianship programme better than anyone.

So whilst the memories were still fresh in the minds of our leavers, we got in touch to find out about the great things they have gone on to, what their proudest achievements were whilst in the UK, and how our guardianship programme attributed to their overall experience here.     

uk guardianship, international student, local guardian

Name: Karen Maenje

Previous school: Hethersett Old Hall School  

Currently studying: Criminology and Psychology at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) 

“My proudest achievement was graduating from high school with A levels and my Duke of Edinburgh award at Gold level.”

“Bright World makes it easier to feel at home away from home by putting us in different homes with very often nice people, allowing us to get a better feel of the British culture which in its own way is educational. Even if one opts for the Relax and Revise option it is a great way to focus on your studies and meet people from different schools around the country and backgrounds which is quite a great experience. They helped me find a place to stay and meet new people and friends, some whom i am still in touch with today.”


uk guardianship, host family

Name: Hiu Ching Lam

Previous school: Royal School Haslemere  

Currently studying: Music at the University of Birmingham 

“My most notable achievement was making a lot of friends, and discovering my true potential.”

“Bright World really cared about the quality of the time I was staying in the UK. Drivers and host families were all extremely friendly and trustworthy people. I really enjoyed my time staying with them which enhanced my experiences studying in the UK.”


 uk guardianship, international students

Name: Haley Lo

Previous school: Priory Academy LSST  

Currently studying: Mathematics at UCL 

“Bright World provided me somewhere to stay in the half term and they have been a great listener when there are times that I would like to express my opinion on something. They are amazing!”


 uk guardianship, local guardian

Name: Anastasia Georgievskaya

Previous school: Bromsgrove School  

Currently studying: Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University 

“The Bright World guardianship programme helped me feel safe and supported when I was away from my family and home.”



Name: Sofia Royter

Previous school: Kilgraston School  

Currently studying: Interior Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Milan, Italy)

“My most notable achievement would have to be learning English to a satisfying extent that I can be proud of.”

“Bright World provided me with the best families which suited myself and it was easy from both sides to communicate. Some families made me feel very welcomed and safe, and they supported me through my homesickness. Thank you.”


uk guardianship, international student, local guardian

Name: Honghao Wang  

Previous school: Sidcot School  

Currently studying: Hospitality Management at Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland) 

“I’m proud of making friends, developing my English and working on art projects.”

“It was very safe and secure to know I could always contact bright world with things I need, or worry about. At the time I had Alex as my guardian, and she always took care of me and checked up on me, she was really nice and the entire programme is wonderful.”


 uk boarding school, uk guardianship

Name: Fion Leung 

Previous school: Queen Ethelburga’s College  

Currently studying: Law at the University of Birmingham 

“I think my most notable achievement whilst in the UK would have to be the friendships I made. My stay in the UK was helped by Bright World, as the host families I stayed with were full of love.”   


 uk guardianship, international student

Name: Raphaëlle de Rechniewski

Previous school: St Edmund’s College  

Currently studying: Engineering at Cambridge University 

“The Bright World guardianship programme provided a home away from home.”


Bright World has been guardian to many students at UK boarding schools nationwide, and has great host families across the UK. For more information on how to apply for guardianship contact us today.  

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