Bright World Hub: Autumn Edition

Bright World Hub: Autumn Edition

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Bright World Hub, where we keep you up to date with all our latest developments. In this instalment, we discuss meeting partners old and new in Hong Kong and China, leaping into action for Super Typhoon Haima, how Bright World are taking the lead with the NSPCC, exciting changes to our Relax and Revise Programme and the latest gossip from Hedgy and Hedgina in Prickly Manor.

As you can see, it really has been a very busy term for Bright World. In October, Director of Sales and Marketing, Charlotte Hamson visited some of our partner agents in Hong Kong and was then accompanied by Regional Manager for China, Grace Wang in Shanghai. We are delighted with our new partnerships and look forward to continuing to assist our overseas agents with placing and offering guardianship to their UK boarding schools’ students.

Thank you to our close partners at Aston Education in Hong Kong for these kind words following Charlotte’s visit:

"Bright World Guardianships have been a long-standing partner with Aston Education since it first started. Bright World follows up on students closely with regard to their needs and individual situations at school. As a guardian, their role is extremely important, especially with younger students or when students are in need. Bright World is always quick to react when students need assistance. Their service is all rounded, and no matter if it is for a student’s travel arrangements during term breaks, or homestay arrangements, they are very caring throughout the student’s stay in the United Kingdom. We highly recommend students and parents to use Bright World’s Guardianship service."

Visit to Aston Education in Hong Kong

Every year in the world of guardianship, there are things that we know are going to happen. Exeats, parents’ evenings, half terms and journeys to and from the airport are just a few situations that we deal with every year. It is when the unexpected happens that a guardian really comes in useful and that is where we think Bright World stands apart and really offers people a helping hand. 

Last month, the Bright World team received reports of Super Typhoon Haima affecting Hong Kong and parts of China. The team leapt into action and compiled a contingency plan for the students whose departure flights for half term may have been impacted. We are delighted to report that only two of our students were affected by the disruption caused with cancelled or delayed flights. Both students were fine and travelled safely on the following day.

“I was very proud of how the entire Bright World Guardianships team reacted to this potentially critical situation. If the storm had been one day later, over 100 of our students would have been grounded in the UK or subject to long delays.  We had to plan for the worst-case scenario with a plan in place for every single student just in case they needed us.  Members of Guardianship Care team and Accommodation and Travel team offered to come in over the weekend to ensure all of our students were safe and quickly helped if they needed it.” Lana Foster, Managing Director.

You can read the full article on Super Typhoon Haima by clicking here. Our thoughts are with all those who were affected by this terrible storm in the Philippines and in China.

Bright World Guardianships team reacting to Super Typhoon Haima

As a guardianship company whose main priority is the ‪‎safeguarding of children, Bright World are consistently working extremely hard to further improve its training in child protection. Last month, Director of Safeguarding and Operations, Claire Taylor, attended the Designated Safeguarding Officer training course provided by the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.) The course promised to help anyone responsible with receiving concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people.

Those attending stood to gain the necessary skills required to act appropriately and confidently to protect the children they work with in a designated child safeguarding role. Bright World’s ex-Police Inspector relished in this opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s leading child protection charities who gained its Royal Charter in 1895, at the hand of Queen Victoria.

“I found the NSPCC Designated Safeguarding Officer training course to be excellent. I have used the information gained from the course to enhance Bright World’s safeguarding policies and procedures, further support colleagues in being able to respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns and ensure that our practices are regularly reviewed in line with NSPCC guidance.” Claire Taylor, Director of Safeguarding and Operations.

NSPCC Designated Safeguarding Officer training course

Click here to read the full story, you can also view all our safeguarding policies and procedures on our policies page.

Jenny Rumble, Relax and Revise Programme Manager and Lana Foster, Bright World Managing Director also travelled to London earlier this month to meet the new Principal of Chartam at the Stay Academy, Claire Woollam. During their trip, they also met with Hannah and Sam who are activity leaders and tutors for the October half term Relax and Revise programme.

We are delighted to report that all the students were very happy at the Stay Academy and expressed that they were very much enjoying their half term. Click here to find out more.

We are also very excited to announce that we will be moving Relax and Revise to a new London centre for the February half term onwards. The new centre promises not only enhanced facilities, bigger rooms and bathrooms, but also a location that is next to a tube station and shopping centre, meaning that it will be much more accessible to London. More news on this brand new state-of-the-art campus that represents over £100M of investment when we visit later in the year.  

Lana Foster, Managing Director Guardianship

Finally, the smallest members of the Bright World team, Hedgy and Hedgina can tell you all about their dramatic term in Prickly Manor and the Great Hedgehog Rescue.

Lana and James have taken very good care of Hedgy and Hedgina and a lot of other animals have started hearing about the hedgehog restaurant in their back garden, Spike’s All Night Diner. It seems that Hedgy and Hedgina now like to invite their friends over for dinner and can been seen dining peacefully with their fox and robin friends.

However, Hedgy and Hedgina soon brought to Lana and James’ attention that other hedgehogs in the neighbourhood are struggling to find food. A hedgehog needs to be about 600g or 1lb to be able to survive hibernation and after discovering that more hedgehogs needed their help, Lana and James rounded up as many as they could and called the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

When WRAS arrived, they got straight to work weighing the hedgehogs and took some into care so that they could fatten them up in time for winter.

the smallest members of the Bright World team, Hedgy and Hedgina

If you would like to find out how you can help hedgehogs or indeed other wildlife in your area, you can find all the information on the WRAS website:

That’s all for this edition of the Bright World Hub, for more information on any of our programmes please enquire using our online form.

Until next time,

The Bright World team

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