Tales of the Unexpected

 Tales of the Unexpected

Every year in the world of guardianship, there are things that we know are going to happen. Exeats, parents evenings, half terms and journeys to and from the airport are just a few situations that we deal with every year. It is when the unexpected happens that a guardian really comes in useful and that is where we think Bright World stands apart and really offers people a helping hand. 


The Great Fog of 2015The Great Fog of 2015 

In November 2015, a thick and unexpected fog appeared over the South of England. 30 of our guardianship students experienced flight cancellations during the weekend, with hundreds more diverted and delayed and in need of emergency accommodation. Our Accommodation & Travel Managers worked until midnight and were able to provide families to cater for these students and drivers to ensure their safe transportation. 

School Closure

School closure 
You would never imagine that a boarding school would unexpectedly have to close.  Well one of our schools did when their entire heating system broke down in the midst of winter.  We received emails from worried parents but they didn't need to worry for long as our students were all safe and warm within hours at their host family.  

Missed Flights
Missed flights???? not if we can help it 

'My son had to catch a connection flight between Heathrow and Gatwick. I was really nervous because I believed that my son would have most likely missed his flight. Thankfully your office and your driver did everything possible to get my son to the airport on time, which he managed to do, he also informed me about the situation by sending me text messages when everything turned out to be all right. I was extremely pleased about Mr. Gholami's (the driver) kindness and professionalism; I would most definitely recommend him to anyone' -  Laura Calligaris, parent of guardianship student


If you would like a fully personalised quotation for guardianship please send us: your student's name, date of birth, your email address and which school they will attend and we will send you one by return. 

If you would simply like to apply for guardianship then please click here to access our online form and your Bright World journey will begin.  

A lovely testimonial from one of our parents....
"I'd like to express our thanks from myself and our family to the Bright World Guardianship team.  Due to your personal approach to each child, your high competence and experience, our children live in an atmosphere of amiability, care and love, in which they can learn and experience life in a very homely environment where each pupil feels comfortable. Special thanks that Bright World pays  great attention to the morality, decency and ability of others." 
Tatiana Veshkurtseva, parent of Bright World guardianship student, Sofia Royter


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