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Bright World provides a wide selection of holiday courses at a range of UK Boarding Schools, Colleges and Centres across the United Kingdom. Our summer language courses and activity programmes for adults and juniors have been carefully selected for their high quality services and residential accommodation. Our unique Relax & Revise half term and easter programme incorporates studying, shopping and excursions and is a new alternative to traditional host family stay.

Relax & Revise - Our unique programme @ Colindale in LONDON

UK Summer Language Courses

Bright World has created a bespoke half term and Easter holiday programme for international students needing somewhere to stay during their school holidays.

Relax & Revise has been carefully designed to match the needs and musts of international students aged 12 and above who want to spend the school holidays with their school friends in touching distance from the cities most famous landmarks and attractions. This new alternative to homestay aims to help students find that healthy balance between relaxing and revising making all activies optional, so that students can feel rested when they return back to school.

Students applying to Relax & Revise do not have to be enrolled onto Bright World’s guardianship programme.

High Standards of Care and Safety

Bright World has hand-picked Chartam, London for their years of experience within the industry and impeccable health and safety standards.

During the course our centre will be busy with Relax and Revise students and also other British school groups on other holiday programmes. The centres are well-staffed and Revision and Study times will be supervised by fully-trained and registered staff. Bright World will also provide 1 Group Leader for every 15 students to keep a close eye on things and make sure everybody is happy.

UK Summer Language Courses

Stress-free School break

UK boarding schools close for between 9 and 16 nights each term; in October, February and May, and for two or three weeks between the Spring and Summer terms at Easter. Some students choose to make the long journey home but others want to stay in the UK. Not all students want to go down the traditional route of staying with a host family and sometimes their guardians are not available to host them for all half terms. Others want to spend holidays with their friends and host families cannot always accommodate large numbers. By matching the boarding school half term and easter dates perfectly, parents, schools and agents alike can now look forward to a stress-free school break and all for a similar cost to the traditional solution, ‘a host family.’

High quality modern academy in LONDON

At Colindale Campus which is a brand new £120 million development, they offer a fantastic range of English language and academic preparation courses all year round in a modern and luxurious environment.

Colindale Campus uniquely combines a secure residence with a superb location in London. This provides the ideal environment for our students. As well as tutors and activity leaders dedicated to our students, there is always a full team of Chartam staff on-site and Reception is manned 24/7.

Students benefit from a relaxed and secure residence where they can chill out all day if they like, use the great study facilities, relax in the comfortable rooms or go and see some of the sights of London. Colindale Tube station is next door to the college. Bright World students have a dedicated Group Activity Leader who lives with them and supervises 24/7. He or she also takes them on their afternoon visits. Each weekday morning, a tutor is available in the nominated classroom to supervise the revision time.

UK Summer Language Courses

Chartam, London

Situated in the vibrant capital city of London, this British Council accredited centre offers a safe and secure environment that is within easy reach of London's main sights and attractions.

30 minutes from all major attractions such as Oxford Street, China Town, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Brent Cross Shopping centre. The international airports of London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City are also nearby.


Comfortable modern ensuite twin or quad study bedrooms are available to all students. All rooms include a kitchen facility and study area with wifi throughout. The Academy is gated and CCTV are in operation 24 hours a day.

UK Summer Language Courses

Programme features:

Personalised Study & Revision plan

At the beginning of the course we will compile a study & revision plan based on the student’s individual goals and the homework given to us by their School.  This will be presented during a one to one tutor session during day 1.

Chill out zone

With all the hard work that goes on during term-time, it is vital that our students have a chance to relax, so that they can return to school refocused and ready for the busy term ahead. There is a ‘chill out zone’ where students can socialise and relax between meals and activities.


Students will have two excursions per week allowing for a perfect mix of recreation and culture. Whether it’s shopping on Oxford Street or Madame Tussauds we have got it covered! 

Food glorious food

Teenagers are always hungry and when doing so many activities it is so important that they feel well looked after in terms of meals. That is why at both centres, food is a highlight of the course. Three hot meals are served every day by a Chef onsite.

UK Summer Language Courses

Party time!

After week one, we may well have to say farewell to some students who must return back to school. To say goodbye, all students will be invited to attend our ‘R&R celebration.’ This is a great social event and one that is a highlight for students.

How to book...

If you would like to book a place on Relax & Revise; please contact:charlotte@brightworld.co.uk 

If you would like more information the please feel free to give us a call on 01273 835745. Click on the following links to view our full colour brochure in English and Chinese.


Relax_and_Revise Chinese 2017

UK Summer Language Courses

Bright World works with a select number of summer schools run by high quality organizations that offer quality language and activity programmes for Juniors and Adults.

Our summer programmes take place at top UK boarding schools offering students a safe and priviledged environment in which to learn English and have a great fun vacation programme or a more serious academic preparation course.

Our courses are suitable for individuals or small groups wishing to join courses alongside other students from around the world. 

We can assist students from 10 years old up until 18 years old. Read our full colour brochure for further information, including dates and fees:


UK Language Schools in England

UK Summer Language Courses

We will help you to choose the right summer course for you. The courses we recommend are all fully residential and offer students a high quality, all inclusive language and activity package that can, if required, include an element of academic preparation.

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